The payday advance industry is large, over 23,000 locations, with website and online services. There are multiple vendors with multiple locations, all of them competing for business. And, they all have to obey regulations from FTC and state governments. Half belong to a national association that advocates for the industry, its members and monitors performance. So, when you realize that a payday loan is needed, what do you expect?

You should expect the best customer service. This is a highly competitive business, not only are there thousands of locations, there are online vendors as well. In a seriously active business environment with the addition of the internet's system of blogs and review websites, no business owner can afford a miss-step by having inadequate customer service or bad employee attitude.

A dissatisfied consumer can just drive down the street or login to another website and get what they want. Long gone are the days of treating borrowers like beggars, there are too many competitors out there ready to payday advance treat them with due respect.

Training of financial services staff is critical for all concerned. Financial information is being collected, FACTA regulations apply and the penalties for error are serious. A friendly, cooperative atmosphere is essential to what is often a difficult first time borrowing experience. They are there to help not scold. A smile, professional attitude, and knowledge of their product and fitting the product to the need of the consumer, not the other way around, is the way to represent the service.

The national organization, CFSA, offers training and webinars to members for staff training and continuing education. The financial services industry is constantly changing and the absolute necessity of being informed and competent in new regulations and practices is a given.

Then best companies are the best informed; they can offer services and terms that serve their customers better and anticipate economic changes in national and local situations. Today many payday loan companies offer other loan and financial services that are regulated and require constant updating of training and procedures.