li>Make money for little work
  • Set your own price
  • Easy to get started
  • Reviews can provide value


  • May lose reader's loyalty
  • Low quality websites/products
  • Usually adds little value to blog

Full Review

When bloggers think of making money with their blog they often think of affiliate programs or selling private advertisments. Paid reviews get little thought because they aren't seen as a viable souce of income.

I too thought this, until John Chow (huge blogger who makes over 40,000 dollars a month) stated in his eBook that paid reviews is one of his biggest money-makers. So I was shocked into giving paid reviews a try, and therefore started my painful journey of finding the best websites to do this.

Of all of the paid review websites I looked at, I got the most offers from Payerpost. Even though my blog was young, I still managed to get pretty relevant offers that paid over 10 dollars (or course you can recieve much more).

The great thing about Payperpost is that you can set your own minimum on the amount of money you will take for a review. This allows bloggers to eliminate the poor quality 5 dollar offers which obviously are only included to receive a link.

Speaking of links, it seems like the main reason people pay for reviews on Payperpost is because of links. People want links so their websites rank well in search engines, so the quality of your review often doesn't matter. You can often get away with writing 250 words of crap, and they will accept.

The websites that want reviews are often low quality websites that are just trying to get people to purchase their or other people's products. Most of the websites provide little value for your readers.

So why would you use this website? Basically, it is to provide a little bit of traffic and link juice to mainly low-quality websites by writting a very short review. But...

This is a very easy way to make money, but don't count on it winning you any new readers. I believe that this website and the paid reviews industry as a whole should be stealthily avoided (that is only do a paid review if you can sneak it past your readers). Otherwise, getting a few bucks now can really prevent your blog from taking off down the road.

This is not to say that it is all bad. Sometimes you do see a quality website that actually wants a decent review, and you can feel safe bringing it to your readers. However, most of these websites only do reviews on high traffic blogs. So chances are you are stuck with reviewing yet another "top ten webhosts" website for 10 dollars.

In Closing

I recommend signing up, but only accepting a review if the website or product adds value to your readers. That way your readers are happy, you've written another post, and you made some money on the side. Take this approach and Payperpost can be a great website.