Easy way for the entry level blogger to get paid to blog


Loss of PR
Possible google penalty
Less respect in the blogging world
Lots of compeition

Full Review

Payperpost is a company that makes monetizing your blog a lot easier. Some people think of it as the bane of existence of the blogosphere, while others rack in thousands of dollars. Here is an in depth view of payperpost so you can decide if it's the right fit for you & your blog.

Your PR will catch up to you. This has been one of the biggest controversies in Payperpost history. The critics said "I told you so" when google started penalizing blogs that were getting paid for their links. It was called the PR smack down & google took away the page rank of these blogs. Ironically, Payperpost has many ops that pay well, but require a higher pr. This left a lot of the advertisers with unfulfilled request,s & a lot of bloggers with a smaller paycheck. Since this can happen at anytime you need to be prepared for the day when your income goes out the window without warning.

One of the advantages to payperpost is that it's easy to start. It has minimal requirements. This can be refreshing if you've been blogging for awhile & you just see pennies a day. Once you work yourself up to entire dollar amounts it might make your dream of getting paid to blog seem possible.

Beware of falling prices. When Payperpost first started, some of the top posties were making thousands of dollars a month. The minimum opportunity was at $5. You could regularly grab opportunities that would be a full day of a minimum wage job. However, a lot of these required videos. As payperpost has gotten a bad rap, the prices have plummeted. Recently, they went as low as $2 for a link.

All is lost if you don't have your own domain name. This means that you'll have to pay for hosting as well. You can start off with a paid service like blogspot. However, you'll probably be reported as spam & unexpectedly get locked out of your blog. Also, many advertisers don't allow subdomains to take their ops. Advertisers can also choose to only allow in bloggers that live in certain countries, called segmentation.

There is tons of competition at Payperpost. When you see an op that is gray, it means that the required number of spots has been filled. If it's a high paying op, it will probably go fast. You might have to spend hours a day refreshing just to get a mediocre opportunity if you've lost your PR. There are hundreds of thousands of posties. Your blog will be grouped in with other blogs that might be of lower quality.

Be prepared to be called a shill. Payperpost has always gotten bad press. Your blog might be reported to google by people who don't like the company. Even worse, your readers might get angry with you, or think that you've become a walking billboard.

You are required to leave your post up for at least 30 days at which time you are paid for it. There have been some complaints as to not being paid on time.

You either love him or you hate him. Of course I'm speaking of Payperpost's founder Ted Murphy. The posties seem very loyal to him. He organizes a cake plow whenever someone in the office has a birthday. Others have called him obnoxious or even a liar. His is definitely not a personality that is suited to everyone, but you might find him funny or like a breath of fresh air.

Payperpost has a weird rating system. Advertisers can give you a tack rating from 1 to 5 depending on whatever they feel like. They can also ban you from ever taking an opportunity again. This can eventually effect how many opportunities are available to you. In the past some advertisers have misunderstood the banning system & used it because they didn't want multiple links from the same blog.

In Closing

Payperpost isn't for everyone. They are constantly making changes to their platform & expect bloggers to keep up. However, if you need to make some easy money, it might be right for you, at least for awhile.