Peacocks have been a favorite design for tattoos because of their colorful feathers and graceful appearance. Wherever they may be placed, they cast a colorful kind of mystery that adds to the aura of the wearer. Add to this the fact that there are many different peacock tattoo designs to suit any kind of person.

Peacock tattoo designs have Asian or Far Eastern influences, although it was Chaucer that first used the expression "proud ad a peacock" in the 14th century. But aside from allusion to pride and vanity, the peacock image also has symbolic meanings. This is why the peacock are often found in temples, gardens and, for the Muslims, at the gates of Paradise.

The peacock bird is also referred as the "bird of 100 eyes," because of the intricate and unique patterns in its feathers. In fact, these patterns have themselves become the subject of myths and have come to mean omniscience.

The peacock is also India's national symbol. In fact, images of the bird are prominently displayed in temples across the country. They are said to withstand snake bite and were regarded as the best snake slayers of the land.

Myths and stories surrounding the majesty, beauty and divinity of the peacock abound. Interestingly enough, although they come from different parts of the world, they allude to the gracefulness of the peacock in similar ways.

If you are looking for ideas on what to tattoo, choosing from any of the available peacock designs is a good move. This is especially true if you want something colorful to jazz up your body with. You can have your peacock covering your entire back, with the tail feathers jutting out at the small of the back or the side. You can also have it on an arm as a sleeve, or covering one entire leg.

The great thing about all peacock tattoo designs is that they are graceful enough to wrap around the contours of any part of your body. The tail feathers drape the skin like a colorful shawl. The eyes on the feathers light up the tattoo, giving it a unique sense of mystery.