PB&J Best Friend Necklaces

PBJ Necklaces

Cute PBJ Best Friend Jewelry

So far as best friend jewelry goes, the basic premise is simple. One or more parts are joined together to form a whole image, and each friend gets to keep and wear one of the pieces of jewelry. This simple idea for best friend jewelry, which one friend can get and share with two or three best buds, is perfectly exemplified by peanut butter and jelly best friend necklaces, which have become some of the most popular forms of this type of jewelry. PBJ best friend necklaces sometimes feature separate pieces of toast for necklace pendants, one spread with peanut butter and the other with jelly. Sometimes PBJ necklaces are made from one main piece of toast that is split into two separate pendants. Either way, peanut butter jelly best friend necklaces perfectly capture the spirit of this unique category of accessory and make ideal presents for your closest companion.

PB & J Best Friend Necklaces

To Wear is to Share

When you and your friend wear and share a peanut butter and jelly best friend necklace, you are essentially wearing a metaphor of friendship. That's because, just as your two compatible pendants join together to form something greater than themselves, so, too, do you and your friend join together in a friendship that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Therefore, if you've been searching for that perfect and heartfelt gift to give your best friend as a token of your appreciation and admiration, you can't go wrong with a nice peanut butter and jelly best friend necklace. Best of all, it's up to you whether you want to fork out the cash for a store-bought premade PB&J necklace or if you're rather surprise your friend with a homemade peanut butter and jelly necklace.

If you decide to make yours at home, you'll need only a few different colored blocks of modeling sculpey that can be baked in your home oven once you are finished. You can find a small box of eyelet hooks and necklace joints at your local hardware store. Aside from these simple tools, you need only decide whether or not you want to varnish your finished peanut butter and jelly necklace with some sculpey gloss or whether you're rather it stay unfinished. Giving it a quick glaze will help to protect it from both light damage that can fade its colors, as well as sharp or abrasive particles that your best friend jewelry will encounter throughout the normal course of being worn regularly.

There are so many varieties of this popular form of companion jewelry that it's really up to you and your pal to decide which style will suit you best. Some people like to add sparkles to their peanut butter or jelly halves, and some people like to add a tan ring of crust around the outside of their pendants, as shown in the image above. The great thing about making your own peanut butter and jelly best friend necklaces is that you and your buddy get to decide exactly which style and design will suit the two of you best.