There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, but there is also something to be said for the beauty of tradition. If you want to surprise your girlfriend with an engagement ring that is unconventional yet classic, you might like a pear shaped engagement ring.

Kobelli .5 Cttw Round and Pear Shape Diamond Engagement RingA pear shaped engagement ring allows you to present your girlfriend with the brilliant diamond she has always dreamed of without giving her a ring that would blend in in a crowd. Pear shaped diamonds are less popular, but that’s not because they are any less beautiful, historical, or high quality. With a little bit of background information and an idea of your girlfriend’s personal preferences, you can pick a stunner of a pear shaped engagement ring that will bring her compliments not just for her ring’s beauty but for her luck in finding a partner with such sophisticated style.

1.73 Ct. Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold EGL USAPear shaped diamonds have been around for centuries and were one of the first major achievements of fine diamond cutting. The pear shaped diamond cut was developed by Belgian jeweler, Lodewyk van Berquem, in 1458 and it is a hybrid between a marquise cut and an oval cut. The ideal pear cut diamond has 58 facets and a length to width ratio of 1.5:1 though this is subject to personal preference. His inspiration for developing this cut was the idea of symmetry. You can see this in the fact that an ideal pear cut is symmetrical at both the rounded end and the tapered end. A non-symmetrical pear cut is noticeably flawed to the naked eye. The symmetry of a perfect pear cut diamond engagement ring is subtle but striking.

1.32 Carat Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring GVS2This is a cut that is somewhat low-stress to pick out because most of the flaws that can occur are visible to the naked eye. The two main things to look for are symmetry, as mentioned before, and something called the bow tie effect. The bow tie effect refers to the fact that because of the shape of the diamond, a shadow can appear at the thickest part of the diamond.

You don’t need any special tools to notice this, just tilt the diamond at different angles and see how it looks. A mild effect is considered acceptable and appears in basically all pear shaped diamonds. The last thing to look for is the sharpness of the tapered point. The sharpest point is considered the most ideal, though the actual cut can vary depending on the taste of the person cutting the stone so feel free to choose what looks best to your eye.

1.32 Carat Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring GVS2An important detail is to make sure you choose a setting with an extra prong on the tip to protect the point from chips. If you feel that this detracts from the look of the diamond, then you should consider a different cut. There’s nothing worse than discovering damage to a beloved and pricy ring and giving it a good, safe, setting is the least you can do for such a big emotional and financial investment. Generally six prongs are the recommended amount for a pear shaped diamond, and three is the absolute minimum. Pear shaped diamonds are often placed in solitaire settings as this dramatic cut can catch a lot of attention on its own. Accent diamonds are usually small most frequently found in pear, marquise, or round cuts. Of course, should you prefer, there are elaborate settings available.

1.25CT Fancy Pear Shape Diamond Engagement White GoldBecause of the unique curves of a pear shaped engagement ring, it’s a good idea to decide in advance how you plan to approach the future wedding band purchase. This is one point on which it might be worth finding out exactly how your girlfriend feels. Many places sell wedding sets for pear shaped engagement rings that include a matching wedding band with a curve built in to accommodate the pear shaped engagement ring’s round curve.

This accommodates wearing the ring with the point facing outwards towards the fingernail as tradition dictates the wedding band be worn on the inside, closer to the heart. This is generally the preferred way to wear the pear shaped engagement ring anyway because it creates a slimming effect on the finger and prevents any discomfort from the point poking into the finger. Some women might prefer to wear their engagement ring on the inside or may want to pick out wedding bands together as a couple. Of course, finding a wedding band that suits your pear shaped engagement ring but doesn’t come with it as a set is possible but pear shaped rings lend themselves particularly well to sets.

1.2 Ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Pave SI2 14KMost jewelers offer at least a small selection of pear cut diamond engagement rings. Blue Nile, one of the largest jewelry vendors with an extensive online selection and a comprehensive design-your-own-ring feature has a great selection of pear shaped engagement rings. Shane Co is another online retailer that, due to the customization-friendly nature of the company, allows for almost any setting to accommodate a pear shaped diamond Even Tiffany & Co. offers three solitaire setting pear shaped engagement rings. Other jewelers, like Kay, have rather limited pear offerings, though Kay does carry an extravagant double haloed Neil Lane pear shaped engagement ring. This ring is also carred by Jared Jewelers. If you really want to make a statement, you definitely want to take a look at the huge Harry Winston 5.68 carat pear shaped engagement ring. Buying a pear shaped engagement ring online is highly recommended due to the significantly wider selection.

As the famous song goes, “square cut or pear shaped… diamonds are a girl’s best friend,”. An engagement ring is not just a symbol of love and commitment, it is a representation of who you are as individuals and as a couple. A pear shaped engagement ring says you are modern, sophisticated, classic and forward-thinking. Most importantly though, it says that you are committed to everlasting beauty, a beauty that goes deeper than looks, a beauty that is as eternal as a diamond.