Pearl vintage jewelry is a classic that was turned into a staple by women like Jackie Kennedy. Pearls are versatile; you can wear them to the office or on your wedding day. Here are some tips for buying pearl vintage jewelry or just picking pieces with an antique look.

Stick with classic or intricate shapes. If you just have a triple strand of pearls you can wear it almost every day. It works with all different types of outfits so you really get your use out of the item. You might want to invest in a pearl cross or other traditional design that can be the signature piece in your wardrobe that you are known for.

Look for intricate details. This is a staple of vintage jewelry. Make that strand of pearls a little special by going with one that has an intricate clasp. This gives you the option of wearing the clasp to the side so it almost looks like a slide. No detail was left unnoticed in vintage jewelry.

You might not want a piece that is like everyone else's. Since faux pearls are so popular you want your investment to stand out. Enter seed pearls. These tiny pearls were set in rings next to gemstones or used in sterling silver pieces. This will be a lot different than most strands of pearls but still has that antique feel to it.

Pearls aren't just for necklaces and earrings. For a truly vintage look find a pearl ring. This can be less expensive then a diamond right hand ring but you'll still get plenty of wear out of it. Another popular vintage piece is a brooch. You can find pieces where dyed pearls mimic grapes. Every once in awhile you'll come across a brooch where the pearls have been made to look like the body of a bee.

Mix in other gems. In modern jewelry you basically see pearls and diamonds or pearls and gold. With vintage jewelry there was a lot more room to play. You might find a carnelian ring where the main stone has been surrounded by pearls. Alternatively you could find a large pearl ring where the main stone is framed out by blue topaz. Any color will really contrast with pearl jewelry but the pearl will also be neutral enough that you can wear it with most of your outfits.

Go feminine. This is another way to dress up pearls. Try pinning a flower brooch to a costume strand of pearls for a one of a kind look. You can also find pieces that have been made out of ribbon and pearl for a look that is both modern and vintage in feeling at the same time. The key is to find new ways to wear pearls that still has that old fashioned attention to detail. This ensures that your pearls will get noticed.

Vintage pearl jewelry is timeless. It could remind you of Audrey Hepburn, but still has a place in the modern world. Invest in pieces that you can even pass on to your kids some day to continue the pearl tradition.