The Differences Between Pedal Cars

Children love cars. I know that when I was a child I lived and breathed cars, I guess I still do now! I remember one year for Christmas my parents bought me my first go kart, I loved it. For the next several years you couldn't get me off it, I would drive it up and down the street, to the shops, and even made it its own parking space on one of the slabs of concrete out the back of the house. That go kart was right for me, it was everything I wanted and because of that it lasted for years. 

These days there are so many different pedal cars to choose from. it is often hard to know which one to get for your child. There are different styles of car; there are planes, trains, fire engines, different power sources and even different styles and features on them. But which would your child enjoy the most?

One of the first questions to ask yourself is 'What type of vehicle does my child like most?'. Asking this simple question narrows down your search tremendously. You now know if you should be looking for a car, plane, train, spaceship, or other type of pedal car. Choosing what you child loves will enhance the experience they have and the more they will use and play with their toy.

The next question to ask is 'How should it be powered?’ There are 3 options you have when it comes to powering pedal cars. First you have push power. These cars are powered through simply running your feet on the ground Flintstones style. They are very cheap and very practical for indoor use or for young children. Next you have pedal power. This way your child uses pedals similar to a bicycle to power the car. These are slightly more expensive but the value is very good. And finally you have electric power. Relatively new to pedal cars (20 years or so compared to the 100 years + other pedal cars have been around) these cars offer a lot of fun. They are the most expensive but they allow an experience closer to driving a real car. These are great for older children.

The final question to ask is 'What features do I want?’ For example if you’re looking to purchase a electric pedal car you may want a speed limiter as they can run up to 15 mph. You may want it to be a larger car so 2 of your children can fit or you may want to have movable seats to allow for growth (great if you plan on keeping it for years). 

No matter your choice your child will always love their pedal car. Pedal cars offer so much fun and get children back outside again away from the PlayStation and Xbox, but through asking these simple questions you will get the one they will enjoy the most.