Side tables come in a variety of styles. One style that has nearly become a work of art in itself is the pedestal table. This legless table is comprised of a top piece centered on a pedestal, and can vary in height, width, and texture, not to mention color and material.

The main detail in designing a pedestal table is on the base itself. Its line of symmetry — or asymmetry — often defines the feel of a room, as it easily becomes the focal point. Styles abound, from traditional looking to modern, high-tier works of art adorned with intricate carvings that mesmerize the eye. You can also find any shape to fit any space: round, oval, square or rectangular. A popular choice is a tall pedestal table (often called a café table) used as a kitchen table without the bother of table legs to interfere with guests’ comfort.

The price of a pedestal side table varies according to the type of material and design. The two most popular and widely used types of material for pedestal side tables are glass and wood.

The cost of a glass pedestal side table varies according to the design and type of glass used. While the base material can vary widely, from wood to marble and anything in between, the tabletop is usually tempered glass and can be a plain, solid sheet, etched, filigreed, or even stained. Prices start typically at $400 and can reach $5000 or more.

Wooden pedestal side tables are a great visual delight and easily blend with existing furniture schemes. Typically ranging from $100 to up to $1000, wooden pedestal tables are most often made from redwood, teak, or cedar.

There are questions to consider before making the final decision on the type and style of pedestal side table to buy. What size space will it occupy? What will be its main use (decorative or functional)? What material will blend best with the existing style of the room? You should also carefully consider your budget, factoring the cost of maintenance and repair of upper-end or antique pieces.

To assure the beauty and worth of your new pedestal table remains high, routine cleaning and maintenance is required. Clean the base regularly with a dry cloth followed by a light misting of gentle cleansing spray. Be sure to carefully remove any accumulated dust in any engraved part of the table’s artwork if applicable, as well as any cleanser. If there seems to be a lackluster quality to your table, use a recommended polish for the material or hire a professional. A good buffing can restore the brand-new look for years to come.

A great online source from which to buy pedestal tables is and When buying online, always read the table’s specifications. There’s nothing worse than having your heart set on a particular table, only to have it arrive and not fit in the intended space. Another quick-find site for any manner of pedestal table is’s shopping zone. Happy shopping!