Pedestal Table Bases

Pedestal table bases are available for anyone wishing to repair or replace a base or to use when building a table. Elegant and graceful or modern and sleek, the bases are available in such a plethora of styles that it is important to be able to see a photo or rendering when ordering. They are offered in numerous sizes for different tables and with different forms to create different styles. They may come with legs and feet and be sold as a kit or just be sold as an individual piece. Pedestal table bases are sold in almost every conceivable shape and size and created in wood, plastic, metal, wicker and stone.

Basic Styles of Pedestal Table BasesPedestal Table Bases

The basic styles of wooden pedestal tables bases that are sold for replacement and in kits are the same styles commonly found on kitchen, dining and accent tables. They include a candlestick, the shape of which is narrow with some turning, the Queen Anne style commonly found on dining room tables as well as Sheraton and Mission styles to name just a few.

Metal pedestal table bases are available in different finishes, but most commonly seen in chrome, brass, or simply black. They may have a matte or shiny finish and sometimes are seen in a textured matte finish. They too may come as a kit or solo, and are available for replacement for home dinettes and restaurant tables as well as designer styles. Wrought iron bases may be very ornate or as simple as three curved pieces held around the middle by a brass band.

Accent tables often feature very interesting shapes and designs for their pedestal columns. Woven wicker may be shaped into designs such as elephants, and wood bases may be created and painted to resemble anything from a butler who holds a tray to birds and horses. The sky is the limit on these very interesting unique pedestal table bases. Creations from plaster or clay are often designed to look like Corinthian columns as well as numerous other shapes.

Imagination is key if creating pedestal table bases from objects that might serve as something else. Ensuring they have the support needed and are flat on both ends is really all that is required to take an ordinary item and create a pedestal table base from it.

Shopping for Pedestal Table Bases

Shopping for pedestal table bases locally can be a difficult task as there is such a wide selection that very few stores carry them. Most will be more than willing to special order them and can have them delivered. Shopping online at home offers the consumer an enormous variety of styles and price ranges. Depending upon whether a piece of furniture will be required to match exactly as in the case of a dining room pedestal table with two bases or if there is more leeway when choosing will help decide what to choose. Identifying the style and type of wood used in a wooden base will help narrow down the search.

The prices range considerably dependant on whether the base will be used for a large or small table and what it is made of. They can be found as low as 150 for a large pedestal table base made of wood, and replacement legs for round restaurant or dinette tables are available for around 100 dollars. These are just a couple of a huge assortment.

Matching Pedestal Table Bases

Matching pedestal table bases to the rest of the table or being able to paint it in a contrast in less formal pieces is a point to consider when purchasing a base. Replacement wood bases will have to be finished in some way, either stained or painted to match the rest of the table. This is a fairly simple task and easiest performed prior to attaching it to the table. It may be difficult to match the wood of older furniture, as most replacement wooden bases are made from alder, oak, soft maple, cherry, maple and pine. Tables with bases made of mahogany, pecan and walnut may have to have their pedestal table bases either custom made or found online in places such as ebay where tables may have been dismantled and being sold as parts.

It is possible to stain other woods with a stain that will closely match the existing wood, although the grain will not be a perfect match. Depending on whether that is good enough or if the true wood is desired will be a deciding factor when purchasing replacement pedestal table bases.