Pedestal tables sets may encompass a table and chairs or an entire room full of furnishings. For this reason it is very important to know exactly what is being described when using this very broad term and purchasing furniture. What may sound like an excellent bargain on a table, chairs, buffet and china cabinet may only include a table and chairs.

A buffet will include room to store silverware, tablecloths, napkins, extra salt and pepper shakers and pieces that will not fit into the china cabinet. A china cabinet will have glass doors display fine china and Pedestal Table Setscrystal on top and wood doors on the bottom for extra dishes. An ambience may be created through the use of lights and sparkling crystal.

Prices of Pedestal Table Sets

The prices of pedestal table sets will begin in the approximate four hundred dollar range for a new table and four chairs and run up into the ten and twenty thousand dollar range for sets including marble topped sideboards and all the luxuries. The carving of the wood, accents such as marble, brass and glass, all play a part in the cost of the furniture. The type of wood used as well as whether it has been hand or machine finished makes a difference. Lighting may be included however it may also be easily added to less expensive china cabinets at home.

Where to Shop for Pedestal Table Sets

Many department stores and discount stores offer a place to shop for pedestal table sets. These will generally be less expensive pieces of furniture but will certainly be functional and often very attractive. Furniture stores usually carry pieces in various price ranges to suit their customers. While they may have books showing different designs and styles they often only are able to have on hand a limited selection in each price range. Used furniture stores as well as estate and garage sales present the chance to actually see the furnishings prior to purchase.

Shopping for pedestal table sets online will allow the buyer not only the opportunity for bargains but a massive selection of choices. Custom pieces are available as well as from furniture manufacturers from throughout the world. Finding pieces to match existing furniture is easier when shopping online also. The ability to locate the manufacturer and look at the pictures on their website of the various pedestal table sets you are interested in allows the shopper the chance for shopping without pressure.

What is Included with Pedestal Table Sets

Knowing what is included with pedestal table sets is imperative. By reading the pages online it is usually easier to tell. Some will say for instance that you are purchasing a table with X number of chairs, while other sites will include a china cabinet and buffet as well as the chairs. Upgraded chairs with arms may be an option or may already be included with the piece. Occasionally buying a pedestal table set that includes only the table and chairs will include the option to purchase additional pieces at a savings. Knowing what pieces you need and shopping for in advance will make this a simpler task. If more pieces are included than are needed, an option usually exists to purchase the pieces separately.

When purchasing a pedestal table set for your home, be sure to note the dimensions both of the room and the furniture. If you are having a difficult time envisioning the size of the furniture you can try the following tip. Begin by laying out newspaper or blankets the approximate size of the pieces of furniture you are considering where they would sit will give a general idea of whether they will fit the room. Walk around the "pieces of furniture" and make sure they will fit comfortably. This beats having a new piece of furniture delivered only to discover it won't fit in the room. Allow room for chairs to be pulled out from the table.

The chairs included with pedestal table sets may include four or six depending upon the size of the table. They may have arms be upholstered and padded or simple wood in design. Additional chairs are usually available to match or they may be able to be exchanged or upgraded depending on what style is desired.

Choosing pedestal table sets will be a lot of fun! The chance to daydream and bargain shop for just the perfect fit will be exciting and give a lot of ideas for decorating. The pedestal table sets generally last for many years so consider carefully what you like best before purchasing.