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Guardrail Measurement and Materials Used

Types of Guardrail

What else is a pedestrian guardrail great with? These guardrail structures make a perfect match with pedestrian bridges. In as much as bridges can be practically found everywhere, the same applies to its partner guardrail.

But where exactly are these structures located? To start off, pedestrian bridges are required to be built where they should be as mandated by the law. These bridges must be erected where an access between roads or a safe passage for pedestrians are needed. In these areas including water ways and other public places, a safe passage is necessary.

Guardrail Measurement

Although, there is no standard measurement used for pedestrian guardrail most of these measure at least 42 inches wide. Those which accommodate not only pedestrians but minor transport such as bicycles too, measure 54 inches in minimum. In terms of width, the railings are commonly at 6-8 inches thick.

Guardrail - Materials Used

The most common materials used for guardrails include metal, wood, and tension cable. For metal, galvanized pieces of tubular steel are used. The tubes are situated in precise distance so that each piece serves its function to protect passengers and provide support. Wood railings are also placed away from each other in perfect distance. These wood tubes, measuring normally 2 x 6 or 3 x 6 are placed not greater than four inches away from each other. The top portion of the wood is often with a curve or angle to keep people from standing up on them. Tension cables on the other hand are not always used but are actually great alternatives to costly metal and fragile wood railings.

Types of Guardrail

Aside from material used, pedestrian guardrails are also differentiated based on their overall structure. One of these include basic guardrail which are often seen at the sides of busy public roads. These can be as simple as a few horizontal bars which are supported by vertical poles. Wooden railings are the most complicated. These are built with items too close to each other. Metal railings on the other hand can be described as a cross between basic railings and wood railings.

Guardrail types can also be classified based on purpose. While standard guardrails are erected obviously for the purposes mentioned above, some were built to be decorative structures only. In some cases, guardrails can become decorative and standard at the same time.


Pedestrian guardrails and pedestrian bridges are a perfect match for each other. The former keeps all passers-by safe and secure when passing by the latter.