It is difficult these days to know which products are best for your little one. We are inundated with product marketing where everything promises to be the best, but how do you really know what is going to be good for your child? Ask another mom!! As a mother of two, I try to recommend all of my favorite products to other moms and give them some insight about the experiences I've had with those products. The product I would like to recommend to you today is PediPed footwear!

PediPed footwear is developed by Angela Edgeworth. She found herself trying to find a good shoe for her child and hated the idea of putting her baby's developing feet into a stiff, inflexible shoe that would make walking even harder than it already is for little ones. So she went to work developing PediPeds. These shoes come in 3 "levels" The first are the Originals and are for crawlers up to beginning walkers. They come in sizes from newborn up to 24 months. After your child becomes a more confident walker you can move on to the Grip N' Go shoes. These are well-suited for 9 months - 3 years and come in US sizes 4-7. Finally, for the "big kid" in your life, there are the Flex line of PediPeds. These are for older children and come in US sizes 6-12. Read on for more detail about each stage of shoe.

The Original PediPeds are so incredibly soft and are the ones that I currently own. I purchased these because my daughter had such small feet and the only shoes that I could find to fit her were made for crawling babies and had absolutely no arch support. I picked up a cute little pair of brown boots with pastel polka dots on them and fur on the inside - these things are cuter than a bug's ear! These shoes are made with two layers of top quality leather and a layer of foam in between. This is to ensure that, not only do your child's feet stay warm, but they are also protected from outdoor hazards like rocks and twigs and the like. These shoes most closely resemble the actual form of your baby's foot. So many shoes force your child's feet to conform to the inside of the shoe which can cause your child to walk with a stride or gait that would not normally be natural for them. PediPeds are also breathable which is important for the health of their skin. The soles are made from slip-resistant leather and are meant to be worn outdoors as well as indoors. They have Velcro fasteners which make them easier for mother and child! My daughter loved the stylish look of these shoes and the fact that they didn't cause her to stumble and trip like the hard soles on other shoes. I loved the idea that my child's feet would be allowed to develop naturally inside these shoes while still offering her the protection that a walking child needs.

The next step are the Grip N' Go line of PediPeds. These are designed for toddlers that are a little more confident in their walk and can handle working with a slightly stiffer sole. The sole on these shoes is made from a soft rubber that is extremely flexible and offers your child both flexibility and stability at the same time. The sole is rounded on the edges to more closely mimic their actual foot. No clunky, squared soles means less of an opportunity for them to get caught on things and trip your child.

The final stage is the Flex line of PediPeds. These are for older children with no trouble walking and are the final transition between PediPeds and conventional shoes that your child will soon be wearing. These have a much harder rubber sole for maximum protection, but also feature shock absorbers in the heel to protect your child's feet. The best thing about this line of PediPeds is that they feature the Flex Fit System. This is a 2mm thick insole that can be used to customize the fit of the shoe and also change the shoe size by almost 1/2 a size for maximum length of wear. It is easy to insert and remove and fits in very snugly to avoid slipping and bunching. What mom couldn't use a little more life out of her kid's shoes?

PediPeds have been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association because they promote healthy foot development for children. They come in boots, sandals, sneakers and mary janes. I know my daughter loved her PediPeds and I liked the idea that she was comfortable while getting the hang of walking. These shoes are long-lasting and made with superior construction. Some models are even machine washable!! As a mother, I definitely recommend PediPeds for your child - happy walking!

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