When you badly need to pee

Have you ever been on a road trip and suddenly have the urge to pee? It makes things worse when you're stuck in traffic and the nearest bathroom seems to be miles away. You can't even pee on the roadside because everyone will see! My sister had been in this situation. It was one of the most desperate feelings she had ever experienced.

In this page, I will share different tricks that you can do when you badly need to go number 1 but can't. I will recount about my sister's tormenting experience and how she survived. I had been with her the whole time. I had witnessed how she was willing to do anything - peeing on my popcorn, jumping out of the window, getting off the bus in the middle of a highway - just to relieve herself. Later, she had me to thank for for stopping her from doing all those crazy things.

Our Japan Trip

Years back, my family purchased a Japan tour package from a local travel agency. We stayed in the country for eight days during the summer vacation. It was a vacation I would never forget. It was a year later that the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami wiped out Japan's coast. The package included transportation, which was pretty convenient since we couldn't speak Nihonggo. Meals were also always provided except during our "free time" where we had to buy our own food. For a tourist who can't speak the language, ordering food was daunting. However, my intimidation would go away after being greeted by the ever so polite staffs. They never seemed to grow tired of saying "Irasshaimase!" plus other phrases that I don't understand.

Drinking Tea Before the Bus Ride

Tea SetCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:China_tea.jpg

my sister loves tea
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

There was one time when our group went to a Cantonese restaurant in Tokyo. My sister Lyra is a tea geek. She would always drink several cups during meals. When we were almost done and were about to go to our bus, our Japanese tour guide told us to go to the toilet first before our 30-minute trip back to our hotel in Shinjuku. Most of our travel companions went to the restroom, so the queue got pretty long. I didn't feel like peeing, so I went ahead to the bus. My sister thought that we would reach our hotel anytime soon, so she ignored her full bladder and went on with me.


I Want to Pee

Rainy and LyraCredit: Rainy Kua

my sister (left) and me in the bus

We got on the bus and ate the rest of our popcorn that we had bought at Tokyo DisneySea. The popcorn was yummy that I could still taste it while writing this. Anyway, after about 15 minutes, my sister told me she wanted to pee but she could still hold her bladder. I told her not to worry, since the hotel was very near (according to our Japanese tour guide). Minutes had passed, and it was already one hour since we'd left the restaurant. My sister started to feel uncomfortable. We looked outside the bus to see long line of vehicles ahead of our bus. Our bus wasn't moving. It was getting dark and was mildly raining. Our Japanese tour guide informed us that we were stuck in the traffic that Tokyo was infamously known for. What?! My sister told me she couldn't hold her bladder any longer. She wanted to pee right away. I told her sympathetically that we would reach our hotel soon and she could pee all she want. It would only take a few more minutes. But she knew and I knew that I was lying. She was tempted to use the pretty popcorn container that we had bought (with popcorn still inside). Looking at the popcorn, I started eating it before my sister tried to pee on it.


The Hissing Sound and Some Tricks to Stop Yourself from Peeing

Cat in ToiletCredit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/davidboily/7483680126/

our parents would always make a hissing sound to
coax us to pee when we were toilet training
Photo: Duncan Cunningham-reid | Flickr

When my sister and I were toilet training, our parents would always make a hissing sound while we attempted to pee. I still don't understand the logic behind it, but they said that by imitating the sound of peeing, we would start to pee. So when we were at the bus, my sister felt like a little kid being coaxed to pee. The "hissing" sound was made by one of our travel companions who was snoring loudly. It was very similar to the hissing sound that our parents had made when we were toilet training. That sound had almost made my sister explode. She wanted to cry and started to chew her thumb. I told my parents, who were sitting across the aisle, that my sister wanted to pee so badly. My dad taught her a trick: she should intertwine both of her middle fingers and pull them as hard as she could. That, according to him, would help her feel more comfortable. Again, I don't understand the logic behind it. She tried it and shook her head, telling him that the trick was no use. She continued chewing her thumb while all of us helplessly looked at her. We looked outside to see if there were toilets nearby. But we were in the middle of a highway in Tokyo. Another couple of hours had passed. Finally, our tour guide informed us that we would reach our hotel in a few minutes. That was the sweetest thing my sister had ever heard. She patiently endured her discomfort as I continued to lie to her, telling her that we would reach our hotel in a flash.


Running to the Nearest Toilet

ToiletCredit: http://pixabay.com/en/man-woman-toilet-ladys-gentlemen-307824/


At last, we were beginning to see sidewalks. Our bus turned left and it was our hotel! My sister stood up before our bus had stopped. As soon as the bus doors opened, my sister got off the bus as fast as her wobbly legs could muster.


A Family Joke and An Important Lesson

What was supposed to be a traumatic event turned out to be a family joke. That night, we were all laughing and imitating my sister's thumb chewing behavior. It was something that our whole family will remember for the rest of our lives.
It was a long day. We all learned an important lesson: always pee whenever you have the chance.

Urinals for Travellers

for bathroom emergencies

I love to travel. But I don't like going to the bathroom because:
1. Some bathrooms are not clean.
2. It's a time-waster. It takes more than five minutes to pee especially in a girl's toilet.
3. Bathrooms are always crowded.
4. I want to enjoy the place right away and going to the bathroom is the last thing I want to do.
5. It's hard to pee while carrying a lot of things (backpack, shopping bags, water).

I try to avoid visiting the bathroom by drinking less water. It's not only unhealthy, but it also prevents me to keep going. We need water to fuel our body and to keep our body functioning. We also need to pee to get rid of the harmful toxins in our body. My sister took bathrooms for granted. She didn't pee when she had access to one.

These are some must haves for frequent travellers or active people who spend a lot of time outdoors. During bathroom emergencies, these items could save you all the trouble and possible embarrassment. People with weak bladders could also benefit from these.
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