Pelican 1050 Micro Case

History of the Pelican 1050 Micro Case:

Designed as a practical case for dive equipment, Pelican Products like the Pelcian 1050 black micro case have made a name for themselves in many industries including military, police, emergency services, and the event production industry. Pelican products got their start in 1975 by David and Arline Parker when they were unsatisfied with the diving equipment case options available. In 2004 the Torrence California based company was acquired for an estimated 200 million dollars by the investment firm Beherman Capital. Hardigg Cases, Pelican's closest competitor was acquired in 2009 merging the two companies into a 12 country, 6 manufacturing plant giant.

Benefits of the Pelican 1050 black micro case:

There are a number of reasons Pelican cases are so popular. Many people regard them as the best value investment you can make to protect your expensive electronics, equipment, or delicate items. Some of the best features of the Pelican products like the Pelican 1050 black micro case include:

Heavy Duty Yet Lightweight - Pelican cases are considered to be indestructible due to their dense polypropylene material and closed cell structure. The result is one of the highest weight to strength ration in the industry, meaning it is rugged enough for travel, and light enough not to be a burden.

Strong and Simple Latches - Whereas most case companies use easy to break spring mechanisms and easy to jam push button latches, pelican products use technology called the double throw c-clamp latch, able to withstand 382 lbs of force.

Watertight Seal - Every pelican 1050 black micro case uses a tongue and groove shape in combination with a heavy duty o-ring to ensure your contents are sealed from potential disaster.

Dust Proof - Whether for long term storage or just dusty working environments, pelican cases are built to protect your electronics from dust and debris.

Crush-proof - All pelican cases are designed to withstand immense pressure. Although they cannot be guaranteed to protect your equipment from every possible disaster there are anecdotal accounts of pelican micro cases getting run over by cars unscathed.

Uses for a Pelican micro case:

The Pelican 1050 micro case was not designed with one particular product in mind, however it has somehow managed to fit a number of products perfectly. For the most part any product whose dimensions fit in a 5x7 inch wide and 3 inch deep case will be perfect for the pelican 1050 case. Some of the most popular uses include:

Digital Cameras - Point and shoot cameras like the Panasonic DMC-ZS3 fit snug and comfortably in the Pelican 1050 micro case. If you travel extensively or if you have a job or hobby that demands durable protection for your digital camera, the Pelican 1050 is perfect choice.

GPS Units - Many of the most popular GPS units fit perfectly in the 1050 micro case. If you are a frequent flier who rents a car in every new city, protecting your GPS unit in transit is imperative.

iPods and MP3 Players - All of Apple's iPods include the iTouch fit nicely in the pelican 1050 black micro case.

Memory Sticks/Cards - If you have sensitive or valuable information stored on a portable memory card like an SDcard or flash drive, traveling with the extra protection a Pelican micro case gives you piece of mind your information is safely packaged.

No matter what product you plan on putting in your Pelican micro case, be sure you recognize it's limitations. While it will protect your electronics from dents and scratches, the sheer g-force of an impact from a large fall would damage a product no matter how protected it was. Additionally, pelican cases are not guaranteed to be waterproof. Although some people claim they have submerged their products successfully, Pelican Products makes no guarantee. All that said, Pelican cases truly are the best protection you can buy for the money, and they back that up with a lifetime guarantee.

For the best deals on the Pelican 1050 black micro case, be sure to check the Pelican website for authorized dealers in your area, or look for discounts on authority sites like Don't be fooled by imitations, be satisfied with only the original Pelican case.