Student loans are very nice to get for most college students, but most have never considered checking into getting what is called a "Pell grant." This type of grant is able to help nearly anyone fund the education that they desire. If you could get money to pay for your full education so that it would be practically "free," would you do it? Of course you would, and so would everybody else. There are a specific set of requirements that you should know about if you are interested in getting a Pell grant.

Do you know what a Pell grant is? This is a grant in which you receive government funding in order to fully pay for your education. The nice thing about Pell grants are that they do not require you to pay any interest like student loans. Even though student loans are interest free until you graduate, Pell grants are literally "free" money to help you get through college. What's the catch involved with getting a government-supported Pell grant? There is absolutely zero catch for getting one of these grants, but there is one major Pell grant requirement that you should know about.

The first of the Pell grant requirements is that you use the money to only make scholarly purchases. Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? All that you need to do in order to keep using money from your Pell grant is to put it towards school. This means that you can use it to pay for things like your room and board, but you should not be using it to buy yourself something like a new car or video gaming system. This is honestly very easy for most people to do, which is why Pell grants are so great to get.

Alright, so what are the other requirements for Pell grants? The other major requirement is that not every kid in college can get them. There is a lot of criteria that you must meet in order to get your hands on one. They are usually given out to people with a financial disadvantage over the rest of students. If you are coming from a very rich family, you will not have a chance at getting one of these grants. If you are a person that is very poor and doesn't have much money, then you will want to get one of these.

In order to get a Pell grant, you first must be in need of financing and you also must be a registered citizen of the United States with a social security number. The other requirement is that you are a graduate from high school or have a GED. While you are in college, the only way to keep getting funding for your Pell grant is to maintain solid grades. If you are not doing well in a couple of classes, you will probably be forced to forfeit your grant. You will not be expected to get straight A's, but you will need to get at least passing grades.

If you meet the Pell grant requirements, then you would be smart if you applied to get one of these grants. They will pay for most of your tuition, but do not usually cover the cost of room and board. Being able to pay for tuition has become a concern for a lot of people that are financially disadvantaged, so it is hoped that they are able to use Pell grants so that they do not end up in financial debt when they finish college. If you need a Pell grant, don't feel guilty about getting one because they are really offered because the government knows that it is a good deed to help underprivileged people make it through college.

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