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The pellet mill which is acquired in a pellet mill auction sale is a machine that isn’t like any other. With a design that focuses on letting your make pellets and even animal feeds from basically anything that you want. The granulation units can make granules out of sawdust, paper, fodder, crumbs from food and others. This unit can definitely be of use by many people today.

Types Of Mills

For the pellet mill auction sale, there are two types of mills and each mill depends on what type of manufacturer are you. Although, some people who can afford one buy one in order for their own consumption and usage but generally, this unit is bought my businesses.

Mills for Large Scale Needs

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In this type of mill, there are two types available: the flat die and the ring die. The difference between them both is this: the flat die mills use a slotted flat die. Its process that is involved is by putting the power on the top and when it rotates in a circular motion, it now pushes the power down through the die holes. The other side has a cutter waiting to cut down the pellet from the die, separating them in the process.

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In the ring die mill, the powder is now fed into the die and a part of the machine will do the process of equally distributing the power. What await the pellet now are the rollers that will squeeze the power through the holes in the die. Then two cutters will be utilized in order to cut the pellets from the outer region of the die.

This type of mill is typically used to make feeds for animals, pellet made out of wood and pellets for fuels which will be used for a pellet stove.

The Small Scale Mills

This type of mill has two variations: screw press and hydraulic press. The process is the same for both variations. Usually, a die is called mold in which it holds the power (unsqueezed) in a pocket that is shaped according to the owner. A platen is connected to the tip of the screw and there is a part of the machine called the ram which squeezes the power into the pellet.

Different Usages For The Unit

We have to consider that a lot of businesses use the pellet mill auction sale because of its affordable price and awesome features. You see, it only uses a small amount of electricity while having the ability to produce so much pellet in just a little time. First, let us state the different ways you can use it.

Livestock Farmers (Pellet Feeds)

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Farmers can take advantage of its effectiveness by using the pellet mill auction sale as a mean of making your own granulated capsule. It is not avoidable that there are certain animals that are very finicky about what they eat. Some even wait until they are almost dying from hunger before they eat because of their finicky nature. If your business is raising livestock then that habit of theirs will only produce very thing and sickly animals.

This is where the pellet mill comes in handy; by using the nutritious food that the animals usually eat, you can pack it inside combined with high-protein for added strength and give that baby a go. Utilising this can do so much for you since you can even adjust the diet of your animals. You want a strong and fat horse? No problem. You want a light but strong one? Go ahead.

Herbal Pellet

A lot of people tend to use products that are small and very manageable which is why the selling of pellets is very profitable, even herbal pellets! The pellet mill auction sale is a major benefactor because it does just that. By possessing one, you can combined different herbal mixtures and make your own. Think of it as your personal herbal product creator and you can even make a business out of it.

You see, many herbal tea products are made out of herbal products that are inside a package but you can make your own in pellets using a pellet mill which can be bought in a pellet mill auction selling.

Vitamins Pellet

Who said you can’t use supplements with this unit? Of course you can! This can be a great business too. Making homemade vitamins can never be done easier than this – just combine different vitamins (of course you have to consider which are compatible and which are not). Sell them to your friends and family for a try or even consistently consume them yourself.

Wood Pellet

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If you have a shop where there are a lot of sawdust then this unit can definitely let your earn or use the spare sawdust. What most people do is they turn the sawdust into pellets in order to use as fuel or sell to other people. Mills usually have a lot of sawdust and do not see the potential profit from using the spare sawdust. It can be a good business if there are mills near you.

The pellets made out of wood are actually dense and if used in burning, has a very high efficiency in combustion. Their size also enables then for feeding automatically in a nice and steady rate. Because of the light weight that it has, it can be transported in long distances making it very manageable and very easy to sell.


The pellet mill auction selling is very affordable and has the potential for much profit. Why don’t you get one and try it out, you may find it fun also and experiment with a lot of stuff your imagination can suggest. You never know, you might be able to produce a product that becomes the reason of your success. Visit a pellet mill auction sale and try hard to acquire one now.