The Peltor 6S, also known as Tac 6's are a set of electronic ear muffs that are designed specifically to block out loud noises that would normally damage hearing. The set features an "electronic vent" which is a fancy way of describing the microphone/ speaker connection in each cup of the headphones. The Tactical 6S filters out the sounds received by each earpiece and then passes through the filtered sound to the wearer.

Peltor 6SThe cumulative effect of the electronics inside these slimline electronic earmuffs means that low level ambient sounds are amplified and very loud sounds in the surrounded area are muffled down, leading to a very enhanced sense of hearing for those who wear them.

They are mainly designed as a set of ear protectors for shooting or hunting – the tactical name in the title gives this away, with no external LED's or any other signs that would give the wearers position away. One nice thing about this particular model of headset is that each cup features its own individual microphone and speaker system so the user gets true stereoscopic sound. You can easily adjust the volume in each cup to make sure that the sound levels are right for you.

Performance wise, it holds up well. It has a NRR of 20, which does not quite match up to rival products such as the Howard Leight R-01526 which has a NRR of 22, but the slightly slimmer sty lings of the Tac 6 means that it is a little bit easier to carry. This headset also features far superior battery life – with 200 hours being available in comparison to the R-01526's 140. So it is really a bit of a tossup as to whether you need the portability or if you prefer the superior noise reduction capacity of the R-01526's.

The Peltor Tac 6S is a great intro model to those who plan to do a lot of shooting on a range, or even for those who need a set of electronic ear muffs while at their workplace – these units certainly would not look out of place. For such a small and inexpensive unit it provides a lot of features that other headsets don't. The electronic cut off and filter back in is not as pronounced as some other models, but it is still not as smooth as its closer rival in the market the Howard Leight R-01526. All in all, however, the Tac 6S is a great purchase.