Finished Pemberley Charm Necklace
Credit: MaryTilden

The finished handmade Pemberley charm necklace with materials from Bead Landing.

Selling handmade jewelry is a profitable online business. Unique and high quality jewelry will bring the most success. All the same, women who begin this industry have to start somewhere. Bead Landing, a jewelry parts company, provides the perfect opportunity for beginning entrepreneurs.

To help young women who wish to start their own jewelry business, I’ve detailed below my experience with creating a handmade necklace with Bead Landing charms. However, only time will tell if there is any profit in the business for me. Hopefully, this step-by-step guide will give beginners the confidence they need to start creating.

Materials Needed

Materials Needed for Charm Necklace
Credit: MaryTilden

Four simple items needed to start a jewelry business.

All the materials needed for this simple handmade charm necklace are found at Michaels. Given the time of year, this favored craft store might have some Bead Landing on sale. The Pemberley sets were 40 percent off recently, and I bought my favorite charms at a good deal. Listed below is everything a jewelry maker will need for this Pemberley perfume necklace:

  • 2 Bead Landing Mini Chain Nose Pliers
  • 1 Bead Landing Pearl Necklace Chain – Pemberley
  • 1 Bead Landing  3 piece Perfume Charm – Pemberley

On sale, these items came to 18.51 dollars, including tax. On an average day, the charms cost somewhere between 3.99 and 5.99 dollars. The chain nose pliers come in regular and mini sizes. Regular pliers cost 6.99 dollars, where the mini pliers only cost 4.99 dollars. Beginning entrepreneurs should remember to keep material costs low so the profit margin will be larger.

How to Create a Charm Necklace

One Special Trick
Credit: MaryTilden

Pull the jump string forward and backward to separate. Do not pull out and apart, for this will ruin the circle shape.

To put together a charm necklace simply necessitates patience. Good eyesight and nimble fingers help as well. Other than patience, only one important practice exists. A bulleted list helps to detail the procedure:

  • Hold the jump ring – which the Pemberley charms already contain – with both pairs of pliers
  • Open the ring by pulling one pair of pliers toward the jewelry maker and the other pair away from the jewelry maker
  • Do not pull the ring out and apart, because doing so distorts the ring

Since the Pemberley sets already have attached jump rings, once the jewelry maker opens the jump ring, she can attach the Pemberley charm to the pearl necklace chain. The creator should pinpoint the center of the chain for the perfume charm, which is opposite the clasp. Attaching the two other charms three pearls away from center perfume charm provides enough room for all the necklace pieces.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Working on a Charm Necklace
Credit: MaryTilden

Place the largest charm in the chain center.

If the above explanation is confusing, then this step-by-step guide should help in the process of creating a handmade Pemberley necklace:

  • Step 1: Lay all needed materials on the table
  • Step 2: Find the center of the chain
  • Step 3: Take the largest Pemberley charm and hold the jump ring with two pairs of pliers
  • Step 4: Pull one pair of pliers forward and the other backward – don’t pull jump ring out and apart
  • Step 5: Add largest charm to chain center
  • Step 6: Do Step 4 in reverse and close the jump ring – the circle shape should stay
  • Step 7: Go three pearls to the right of the perfume charm and repeat Steps 4 through 6 with second charm
  • Step 8: Go three pearls to the left of the perfume charm and repeat Steps 4 through 6 with third charm
  • Step 9: Put on the Pemberley charm necklace and admire the handiwork

Tips to Remember

Working on a Charm Necklace 2
Credit: MaryTilden

Place the second and third charms three pearls apart from the center charm.

During the first trial run, I had placed the second charm only one pearl away from the perfume. The second one blocked the perfume this way, so I moved it over two more pearls. Doing so ensured I got to see both pieces when worn around my neck.

Applying the third charm was difficult because the jump ring continuously fell out. By the time I had finally placed the charm and the chain in the jump ring and closed it, I realized I had placed the third one backwards. So, please make sure the items are all facing the same direction.

Show Off the Charm Necklace

Finished Pemberley Charm Necklace
Credit: MaryTilden

The finished product.

Jewelry makers should celebrate their work. If they made a charm necklace or bracelet for themselves, they should wear it about town and show it to their friends. Entrepreneurs who wish to sell their jewelry should consider buying display busts so their potential buyers can see how the jewelry will fit around their necks.

Fun is also an essential ingredient. If the jewelry maker experiences nothing but misery in the activity, then she should find another business. Personally, writing and blogging will always be my number one hobby. Jewelry making is simply a pastime.

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