The Rugged Pembokeshire Coast

Pembrokeshire's Coastal Path is located in southwest Wales and is an amazing 186 miles (300km) of limestone cliff tops, wild volcanic headlands. There are 58 beaches which are some of Wales' best beaches, clean seas and bays, coves, 14 harbors, picturesque seaside towns, wildlife, flowers, plants, gray seals, and unbelievable scenery on this National Trail mostly within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Of Britain's 14 national parks, this is the only park that is entirely coastal. You can also see Iron Age and Neolithic construction remnants scattered along the coast. Offshore islands that are uninhabited act as bird sanctuaries for a wide variety of European seabirds.

Dating back to 1970, the path has been managed in an effort to reduce the difficulty, but walkers encounter narrow and steep sections and must not wander from the path because the cliff edges can be dangerous. Also, the crossings at the two low-tide areas must be timed correctly so that a lengthy four-mile detour is not necessary. Refer to tide tables. Although the walking is said not to be strenuous in most places, a certain amount of fitness is a requirement. Actually, if you ascend and descend the entire 35,000 feet, it is similar to climbing Mount Everest!

Backpackers and walkers will find campsites, guest houses, cottages, and small hotels in seaside towns along the path. If you desire quality accommodation a Tenby hotel is recommended. Many of these hotels, b&bs and guesthouses are family-run and present friendly places to rest and relax and break up the walking. A few areas require carrying water and food for two days if you are a backpacker. It is advised to allow 15 days to explore the entire path.

Walkers can travel by Coastal Bus Service over the entire path and walk from the bus and back in sections. There are also smaller circular walks. Additionally, there are 17 Sites of Scientific Interest, the only marine nature reserve in Wales, and two nature reserves.

Consider walking all or part of the Pembrokeshire's Coastal Path for an unusual holiday experience.