The Pen Fishing Rod is one of those things that when I received it, I said thanks for the paper weight, and never really gave it a second thought. It really was a nice paper weight too, putting up a lot of good use. I recently changed offices, and during the packing I decided to finally put it to use. I took the little spinner lure out, tied it on and went to the little fountain retention pond located next to the office parking lot. What I found out next was actually pretty surprising, and the reason that I felt like I had to write this article.

The rod really is a pen. It folds down, with a pen cap and everything, but when you take the cap off and extend it you have in essence an ultralight fishing rod. The one that I received as a gift extends to 24" long, but I do believe they make them longer than that. With the few fish that I caught that day, the rod really held up well. I didn't catch any huge fish because of the size of the lure, but this was not a problem.. I'm not really that trusting of the rod and reel setup yet, but it is a lot of fun for panfish!

The reel was nice, it came with some line on it that was either 4lb or 6lb test, and seemed like decent line. It casted nicely with the sized line that they used, but I think if you put on the 1lb diameter, 6lb test braid that you could really have a lot of fun with it, and increase your overall casting distance. With that being said, the rod and reel don't cast amazingly far from the factory, but it is far enough to get bit. The little spinner lure that they included with it is one that I normally use on my every day fishing trips, because inline spinners catch every type of fish, in every part of the world. The manufacturers did a good job including one in the kit.

My plans for this little rod are to spool it up with some braided line, and change out the spinner for a leader and other types of ultralight fishing baits. I really do plan to keep this rod with me for the few minutes each day I am waiting around, and there is a retention pond or stream near. At first I did discount it as nothing but another desk decoration, and after 3 years of sitting there collecting dust, I finally got some use out of it. I plan on using this littlePen Fishing Rod a lot more often from now on!