If you are looking for something very clean, sleek and simple to use for your toiletries when travelling then the Pendergrass large waffle cosmetic bags are a great choice.

They are created from cotton waffle textured fabric, which has a waffle pattern to it, and gives it some thickness and strength.  It is lined and the larger size will hold all your cosmetics, including shampoos and other larger containers.  You can get these in smaller sizes too, but the large one is great for the bottles.

It is sleek and good looking and it can simply be thrown in the washing machine when it gets a bit dirty and comes out white again.

Pendergrass Large Waffle Cosmetic BagsCredit: Amazon.com
White Waffle Weave Fully Lined Cosmetic Bag
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(price as of May 25, 2015)
these are so chic, clean and simple

It will fit everything you need and yet still be able to find a spot in your suitcase or carry-on when travelling by rail or air.  It can also be treated as a carry-on tote on its own.  Would be perfect for travelling, the gym or simply to house all your toiletries at home in one spot. 

The waffle printed fabrics are very popular this year, and especially popular in the cosmetic bags.  It has a very strong zipper and is a nice change from all the flowery cosmetic ones on the market.

If you are looking for a simple yet large cosmetic bag that can house all your bottles and lotions without fears of leaking into your luggage then this one by Pendergrass is a good choice as it is lined and will not leak. 

Sometimes you just want something simple right?  Maybe a couple of compartments but basically something big enough to take all the toiletries you need without having to get something else.

It has a simple spa like look to it, and is very modern and chic.  So, if your toiletry and cosmetic bags are starting to look a little dowdy, then maybe it is time to upgrade to something a little more fresh and modern looking. 

Simply white is a great way to go.  The waffle weave makes it more flexible for all your toiletries and is so easy to simply throw in the washing machine, which many other cosmetic and toiletry bags cannot do. 

The Pendergrass large waffle cosmetic bags also make great gift ideas, as the simple white shade will go with anyone’s personality and you could even pair it up with a soft white robe for the total spa experience.

Another great option would be to purchase this large waffle cosmetic tote and fill it with things you know they would like, or things for a spa day in their own home.  Once they have taken out the products for use, they are left with a great travel toiletry tote.  Save on wrapping paper!

You could also include a gift card to a local spa inside along with a few tools such as a foot scrub or hair supplies.

This Pendergrass waffle bag would also make a great storage tote for hair supplies such as clips, brushes and combs, or for jewelry.  You could use it for most anything and keep it on your vanity for it is good looking too.  You could also treat yourself to your own backyard spa for real relaxation