Penny stocks in potash mining have proved to be a soaring investment in September. Potash refers to mined salts that contain potassium or manufactured salts with potassium; they are an excellent ingredient for fertilizers and are in major demand with the expectation that the need will surpass the existing supply which will bring the value up for potash even higher. Investors in the market are jumping on board and the value of potash per ton could be in excess of $500 by the end of this year from under $100 less than a decade ago.

Rise in penny stocks in potash mining attributed to development in third world companies

The current trends in the stock market and the increased demand for potash appear to be driven by the rising development of third world countries in South America and Asia and their increasing use of fertilizer. As populations expand and countries make technological advances, more land is being cultivated for crops with a need for fertilizers containing valuable potash. It is only logical that the stock market is thriving as the potash mining industry experiences success.

Top performing potash companies

Converted Organics Incorporated is a fertilizer producer with a strong reputation. Their products appear to have a high success rate in disease control. Their brand of fertilizer is better absorbed in the soil due to potash and they are used mainly at the commercial level. Another positive characteristic about this company is its focus on not harming the environment.

Western potash is a company in the exploration stage, aiming to develop profitable mining opportunities. It is posed to begin mining in Regina, Canada where potash mining is already a successful mainstay. Western potash is convinced they will have a large profit margin with great potential in investment.

International potash corporation is also involved in exploration with mining beginning in New Mexico. Based on positive results in the area, it is another hot spot for investment. Risk and returns are the name of the game and this company promises big returns to its investors in the market.

Future is bright for potash mining

Investors should keep a close watch on the up and coming potash companies as well as those that have already been well established with a proven record of high profits. As populations explode, the demand for potash is a sure thing. Penny stocks in potash mining are a go.