There are many penny stocks that trade at fractions of a penny. You can buy hundreds or even thousands of shares in these types for stocks for a minimal investment and maximize your return. Think about this- if you buy shares for half of a cent and the price goes up to just one cent, you have already doubled your investment!

What is a penny stock?
The Stock Exchange Commission defines a penny stock as a share of a small, publicly traded company that trades for less than $5.00. Some people use $1.00 as the cut off. Either way, it does not mean the stock actually has to cost a penny. Penny stocks often have low liquidity and may be subject to "pump and dump" techniques. People often buy penny stocks because of the large number of shares they will be able to purchase in something they believe to be the next big thing.

Here are six penny stocks for sale that trade at a fraction of a penny:

APDTQ- Alpha Trade
Alpha Trade provides real time and delayed stock quotes to their subscribers over the Internet. Markets covered include all of the North American exchanges.

AMOAQ- American Mortgage Acceptance Company
American Mortgage is a real estate investment trust. They invest in commercial real estate loans, bridge loans, debt securities, and other related products.

AVTI- Avitar Incorporated
Avitar Inc. develops and markets diagnostic test products and disposables for medical and dental use. They sell these products to medical supply companies, government agencies, and other corporations.

ELCR- Electric Car Company Inc.
The Electric Car Company is a limousine and specialty vehicle manufacturing company. They were recently awarded a contract with Nissan to build their Leaf limousine.

GAXIQ- Galaxy Energy Corporation
Galaxy Energy is an oil and natural gas company. They are involved in exploration and lease acquisitions for the production of natural gas.

TFRY- Tasty Fries
Tasty Fries developed a French fry vending machine. The company markets and distributes the machines and related products, such as cooking oil and measuring cups, through territorial distributorships.

These stocks are trading at .0001. That means for $100 you could buy one million shares!

Penny stocks are risky investments. The stock market can be volatile and no profit is guaranteed, but some investors have seen 200, 300 or even 500 percent returns. As they say, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. That is definitely the case for penny stocks that trade at fractions of a penny!