If you are feeling bad because Christmas is coming and you don’t have the resources to get your family gifts, you are not alone. However there are people who give free Christmas gifts out there and with some work you can find help to meet your families Christmas needs. It’s not a perfect solution, but it can make a great deal of difference.

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●     Angel Tree - The Angel Tree program is run by the Prison Fellowship. They gather up toys for children at the Christmas season and then redistribute them to local families in need.

●     Christmas Angel Tree - This program is similar to the one run by the Prison Fellowship, but is run by the Salvation Army. You can easily get information by calling your local Salvation Army.

●     Local Churches - Different churches do different things. Some will adopt a needy family where they give food, clothing, school supplies, and toys to them. Others will collect toys and split them up among the children in need that they come in contact with. You should always start by talking with your pastor if you are a member of a local church. If that doesn’t pan out to any help or you aren’t a member of a local church feel free to call around and see if any of the churches in your community are willing to help or have a program you might be able to join.

●     Secret Santa - Some communities also do a Secret Santa program. Often this involves picking up a toy for an age range, wrapping it, and then donating it. These programs work because there are people who give free Christmas gifts to them. You can then apply for your children and would receive one or more toys for each child according their gender and age range.

●     Toys for Tots - The US Marines run a pretty famous program known as Toys for Tots. They often collect outside of stores such as Walmart or Toys R Us. They take unwrapped, new toys and then give them out to needy families in the community. You can apply using their webChristmas Gift Tag Stickers-120 PackCredit: Amazon.comsite as long as they have a collection site in your county.

 Other Places You Can Call Looking For People Who Give Free Christmas Gifts

Many of the programs listed above do a lot of good because there are a lot of people who give free Christmas gifts that donate to them. However, even with a lot of good people and a lot of donations there are a lot of people out there who need their services. Because of that, you may not find the help that you need. If you have exhausted these resources then you can look into a few more activities. Whan you call around you should make sure that you write down the names and numbers that people recommend to you so that you can find the help you need.

●     If you check with your local Chamber of Commerce then you may find that there are local charities or people who give free Christmas gifts through the county or city.

●     Children’s programs such as the YMCA may also run charity programs that give gifts to children. You should call around to see if anything in your area offers these services.

●     Calling your local service listings by using 211 can also give you some information on charities in the area.Christmas Gifts Yard DecorationCredit: Amazon.com

Recycle and Reuse to Make Your Own Gifts

Making your own gifts from recycled and reused materials isn’t the same thing as finding people who give free Christmas gifts for your family members. None the less you can create low cost and even free gifts for your family and friends. That in turn can give you a great feeling. It may take a bit of adapting on your part and all the creativity you can muster.

●     Using clothing that your family members can no longer wear you can make a patchwork quilt, a purse, and ornaments such as garland or wreaths.

●     You can take apart your old jewelry and use the pieces to make new jewelry or picture frames.

●     Homemade cards are also a great gift. You can make homemade paper by grinding up old paper. You can add dried flowers to card stock to make beautiful cards. You can get creative and in turn have a beautiful product. Make five to ten for each person you give the gift to.

There are a lot of people who give free Christmas gifts so that needy families can have great Christmases too. However, there are often a limited number of resources to go around. You have a number of charities to look into and you also may want to look into gifts you can make and give for free.