Christmas time is a time of joy. To spend time with your family. Christmas time should be stress free. All of the gifts bought. Christmas time is meant to be spent joyfully with your family bu the following people probably will not be spending a joyful time around the Christmas tree with their friends and family..

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods list of women he has cheated on grows longer each day. Tigers wife Elin Nordegren has moved out of their mansion and obviously will not be too happy with her husband Tiger Woods.

Recommended Gifts

Tiger WoodsElin's gift to Tiger-She does not cut of his testicles.

Tigers gift To Elin- A belated Christmas gift of millions of dollars. After she divorces him.

Mark Sanford

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford will not be enjoying his Christmas this year. He no longer has his "soul mate" from Argentina. His wife has left him also. His kids are mad because he ignored them on Fathers Day as he was with his mistress in Argentina. Mark Sanford now wants to get back with his wife.

Mark Sanfords gift to his wife- To quit talking publicly about his his "soul mate" in Argentina.

His wife's gift to him- Coal in his underwear. Not his stockings but his underwear.

Kenya Brown

Kenya Brown had to rush her baby to the hospital after her 11 month old son swallowed a bag of cocaine. Kenya Brown was arrested for injury to child and drug possession. She was also charged with illegal possession of a firearm after police discovered a handgun inside a jacket hanging in the child's room.

Instead of spending Christmas day with her son on his first Christmas she will be in jail.

Kenya Browns gift to her child- Monthly child support checks paid to the state. She can earn the money working in the Jails kitchen or laundry room for 25 cents an hour.

Her Sons gift to Kenya- Parenting classes and drug rehab classes for his mom.

Chad Weiner

Chad Weiner, aged 38, was recently arrested for sexual battery on a 91 year old lady. Chad Weiner will spend his Christmas day in jail trying not to tell his cellmate why he is in jail.

Chad Weiners gift to the Elderly Lady- His embarrassment of this record will be made public when he is forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life for sexually assaulting a 91 year old grandma.

The Elderly ladies gift to Chad Weiner- A chance to chop off Chad's last name.

Mark Lewis Kinney

Mark Lewis Kinney is a professional music instructor. In the 1990's Mark Lewis Kinney was a member of a band and toured with many famous groups of the time. Mark Lewis Kinney was recently arrested for child porn and lewd acts with a child.

Mark Lewis Kinney will spend his Christmas day in jail trying not to be alone with his fellow inmates as they will probably attack him.

Angelo Passanisi

Angelo Passanisi is (was) a police officer. Angelo Passanisi was recently arrested for insurance fraud, making up evidence, and false reporting of an incident.

Instead of working part of Christmas and then spending the rest of the day with his family he will be faced with a court date where he will probably go to jail. Angelo Passanisi will also need to find a new job.

Anthony (Santa Claus) Russo

Anthony Russo was dressed as Santa Claus and tried to abduct a 12 year old girl. The girl screamed and he fled the scene on a bus. Police later caught Anthony Russo who was still dressed in his Santa Claus suit.

Anthony Russo will be spending his Christmas day in Jail. Most inmates do not take kindly to sex offenders. The fact that Anthony Russo posed as Santa Claus will his fellow inmates even angrier with him.

Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown's boyfriend told her their relationship was over. He was done with her. Then he went to bed. After he was asleep Carolyn Brown poured hot grits on him.

Carolyn Brown was arrested for causing first and second degree burns on the mans face and arms. I wonder if the county jail will serve grits for Christmas breakfast?

Causley Coutain

Causley Coutain was arrested and charge with a wide variety of charges related to his illegal commercial fishing of Kingfish. On Christmas day Causley Coutain will be pondering the fact that his expensive fishing bat may be seized by the government and sold at auction.

Nikolai Bonds

Nikolai Bonds, the teenage son of baseball great Barry Bonds probably should not expect much from his mother for christmas gifts. Nikolai Bonds was arrested for assaulting his mother after they were arguing and he chucked a medal object at her. He reportedly spit in her face also.

Arcade Comeaux

Arcade Comeaux was the wheelchair bound inmate who escaped from a Texas prison. He has been recaptured. Arcade Comeaux spent last Christmas plotting how he would escape. This Christmas Arcade Comeaux knows he will never be able to escape again. Arcade Comeaux knows he will NEVER be a free man again. Christmas will be spent regretting life and wishing he was dead. Merry Christmas Arcade Comeaux.

Doctors And Nurses

Many people get Christmas day off and are able to spend the holiday with their family. Many Doctors And Nurses have to work and generally work long shifts. The nations Doctors And Nurses staff the hospitals on every major holiday to help people who need emergency medical help.

If you unfortunately end up having to go to the hospital on Christmas please be kind, polite, and respectful to the medical staff. They are missing Christmas with their families so they can help people.

There are many people who will not enjoy their Christmas. Many of them will not enjoy their Christmas day because they are locked up in jail for committing crimes. Next time you are tempted to commit a crime think first about your family. How will they feel if you were not able to spend Christmas with them because you committed a dumb crime and was locked up in jail?