Networking is part of working in any business industry. Connecting with others that share the same career or business interests that you do is a part of business networking. Connections are made to mentor or be mentored or even gain valuable information which cannot be obtained elsewhere. These are all reasons that people network with each other. While we learn to network with certain people there are some specific people to avoid bringing into a business network.

There are some advantages to networking. Along with advantages come disadvantages. Part of the disadvantages is an understanding of whom to network with that can advance a business profession. These are figures that will not help your career, but quite the opposite. Knowing who these people are makes the difference in success or failure in some cases.

Avoid bringing these people into a business network to sidestep some disastrous effects on a business career;

Avoid people who use you

Networking is the same as connecting or joining. This implies coming together, usually in a give and take relationship. Users don’t give and take. A user, by definition, is there for the taking and not the giving. Bringing a user type personality into a business network means you won’t gain anything beneficial from the relationship. You will end up giving and may receive nothing at all in return. Why bother with networking with this person?

Users like to ask for something all the time. Whenever you see them they need something, want something or must have. You can never rely on this person for the same in return.

Users are always seeking something for nothing. This means if you don’t give them anything they don’t need you anymore. Don’t give in to their needs and they will hit the road. A user is a person to avoid bringing into your business network.

Avoid people that stab you in the back

A back stabber is a person that wants to set you up for failure. They will lie about you, talk about you in a bad light to others and never have anything nice to say about you.  When defining networking, most folks discover a back stabber doesn’t network for business. What this person wants from you isn’t a favor, they want your failure. They do not want to see you succeed for whatever reason. For a number of back stabbers it’s jealously while others are envious. A few people are simply so miserable in their own professional lives they want to see others fail in business as well. Misery loves company and as a rule miserable people will characteristically be the back stabbers.

You can get rid of the networker that stabs you in the back. Don’t align yourself with this person in your professional business life. If you steer clear of a back stabber you avoid the opportunity for them to speak ill of you and any situation where they can misinform someone of a situation or conversation where the two of you were together. Misinformation and gossip can ruin a great career quickly.

People labeled offensive or unpredictable

Anyone considered offensive shouldn’t be in a business environment and should never be part of your industry network. Stay clear away from offensive people. The first offense is the last offense so your professional career isn’t stained.

Unpredictable people have no place in business. Business is about planning and execution. A good business person has focus, drive and in nearly all cases an eye for detail. Unpredictable people do unpredictable things which have no place in the business environment.

This doesn’t mean business is not open to doing something different or unusual. Though, there is a way to get this part of the business plan into the light and unpredictable and offensive people don’t take the right avenues to make it happen. These are people to avoid bringing into a business network.

In conclusion

Joining together with others into circles for conversation to share thoughts and ideas make networking possible. Make certain you are joining with the right people to advance your business or career. Avoid bring the wrong people into any business network.

make your business network stronger wiht the right people