Peppermint Soap - Cheap Bar Soaps for Your Bathroom

Imagine the fresh scent of peppermint pervading your nostrils and doing wondrous effects to your mind and body; now imagine this scent all around you as you take a shower, or as you soak in your bathtub. All this is possible when you use peppermint soap.

Peppermint soap is bath soap infused with essential oils extracted from the peppermint plant, which is a cross between spearmint and watermint. Peppermint is known for its sweetly fresh, minty scent, which is caused by the plant's menthol content. Menthol is also responsible for the therapeutic activities of peppermint.


Peppermint, being one of the most popular among aromatic essential oils, is highly evident in both edible and non-edible products such as ice cream and other confectioneries, tea, ointments and liniments, cream, gum, breath mints, mouthwash, medicine and toothpaste. It is particularly famous for the warmth it brings to the body when applied in massages. For the most part, peppermint is used as a flavor or scent enhancer for food, orally-ingested medicine and astringents, but it is also effective in curing ailments and strengthening the body.

In aromatherapy, or the medicinal usage of scents of essential oils derived from plants, peppermint is also known for its versatility. It can serve as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, digestive, antiseptic, astringent, carminative, and anti-spamodic. It can be employed also for cases such as indigestion, bronchitis, migraine, sinusitis, dyspepsia, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, irregular periods and nervous breakdowns. It is also very useful in the treatment of colds and flu.

You can count on peppermint soap to clean your whole body when you wash up, as peppermint essential oil is also famous for its antibacterial properties. Ever feel grimy after several hours of strenuous work at the gym or at your garden? Then peppermint soap should be very essential to your routine.

While peppermint soap is primarily used to help yourself cleanse your body, it can also aid your body in a myriad of other ways. For one, the scent of peppermint can help stimulate the mind. Among those who practice aromatherapy it is known that a whiff of peppermint can help improve concentration, memory retention and clarity.

A bath or shower with peppermint soap can prove to be very relaxing also, as sniffing peppermint helps calm nerves and reduce tension. For instance, after a long, hard day of study and work, you can wash up in the evening with peppermint soap and feel its calming effects on your whole being as you douse yourself in its minty goodness.

Why should I use peppermint soap?

Soap is mostly for cleaning, and the use of peppermint soap is very effective when it comes to bacterial eradication. What makes peppermint soap so desirable for health, though, isn't just its cleansing properties but its additional effects, in aromatherapy particularly. As mentioned above, peppermint's aroma brings about a calming effect. For a very relaxing bath, you can use peppermint soap for maximum bliss.

For those who pull all-nighters due to work or study, baths with peppermint soap would come in really handy, as a sniff of peppermint essential oil stimulates the mind. You'll practically regain all the vitality your mind had over the day after a nice, warm bath with peppermint soap.

How does peppermint soap work?

The nutrients and menthol content found in peppermint essential oil is responsible for the effects of peppermint soap. First up, peppermint soap, when applied to the skin in either solid or liquid form, kills germs and bacteria on the surface, leaving residue that can be washed off with water.

In aromatherapy, aromatic molecules, or the active ingredients in essential oils, interact with the nasal cavity when inhaled through the nose. Next, these molecules make their way up to the brain at the limbic system, which controls the activity of the endocrine and nervous systems. The brain then transmits these molecules to the aforementioned organ systems. The endocrine system, which is in charge of hormonal release, carries these molecules as hormones are released to the bloodstream and in turn, the molecules are circulated to different parts of the body with the blood. The nervous system, when doused with aromatic molecules, sends messages to its nerve receptors to slow down, subsequently creating stress relief.

Where can I get peppermint soap?

Look for peppermint soap in alternative medicine and herbal shops and even convenience stores. Peppermint soap is also available online. On Blackberry Creek Soaps, you may order a Peppermint Pattie Soap at $4.97. Liquid peppermint soap can also be bought at Dr. Bronner's Magic, at Prices range from $2.49 for a 2 oz. bottle, to $52.49 for a gallon of peppermint soap. Peppermint soap bars are also for sale at $4.19.

To make the most out of your daily bath, try peppermint soap. It does wonders.