perce Quebec (23248)

There was a window of opportunity to take a vacation this summer, and we grabbed it. Since it would have to be by car, we wanted to head to the Ocean. But from Ontario, you can either go through the United States or head through Quebec.

I am glad to say we decided to head through Quebec this time and discovered Perce Quebec. The roads up to the Gaspe were very scenic, along the St. Lawrence, and out to the ocean, as we drove around bends and hills on a well paved road, we never knew what we would see over the next hill. The coastal villages were stunning.

But the best was yet to come when we headed for Perce Quebec. You can' t help but notice the large rock close to shore. It is a natural rock formation, with a hole that almost looks like a door through one end. Early explorers had drawn pictures of this rock, and the area became a busy fishing hub for Quebec.

Perce Quebec, is a cultural center, and has many artistic and creative vendors in the town. There are many shops and outdoor vendors as well as parks and lots of walking trails. We were totally impressed with the friendly nature. Even though our French was a bit rusty, most could speak English and they love having tourists visit them.

The word got out, about the beauty of Perce Quebec in the 1930's as tourists came to see the natural rock, Bonaventure Island, the birds, and the artists in the area, and the great fishing.

Although there is no way you would miss this natural beauty, the town has created magnificent walking trails and lookouts to enjoy. Just beyond the large natural rock of Perce Quebec, is the island of Bonaventure. It is an island that is approximately 2.5 miles square, and faces the shore. It is considered one of the most important gannet colonies in the world and many other birds, such as puffins and cormorants call this island home.perce rock

There are boat tours to Bonaventure Island, and you can see the birds up close.

But if you are more of a land dweller, you can wait until low tide and you can walk up to the large natural rock, and touch history There are many history information boards, and points of interest to take in, and learn about this beautiful area of Perce Quebec..

Also, further inland from Perce Quebec, is Mount Blanc, which has a great view of the sea. This whole area is full of natural beauty, and although it is a great tourist destination, they have not marred the countryside in any way. We thoroughly enjoyed this visit to Perce Quebec, and as it was a very impromptu vacation, we were not expecting it, and were amazed when we came upon the town.

According to local history, the town of Perce Quebec was a very important fishing community in the 18th century.Perce rock Quebec (23252)

If you love natural beauty. I highly recommend a visit to Perce Quebec, there are great hotels, bed and breakfasts, and lots of campgrounds with facilities. The many restaurants serve great food, which you will want to enjoy after hiking the many well posted hiking trails and parks.

The town of Perce Quebec, takes good care of its buildings, historic landmarks, parks and waterfront. We were able to purchase local artisan gifts and crafts. It was a really nice visit, and we will be back, they even offer winter packages.

If you have wondered about that tip of Quebec known as the Gaspe Pennisula, then you have to drive it and check out Perce Quebec. You will find this trip amazing. Don't forget to bring your camera!