Perception Kayak has been around the kayaking game for a really long time, since back in 1974 really. They began producing boats using fiber glass material, but quickly found out about the benefits of roto molded plastic, not only strength and ease of production, but the aesthetics were pleasing as well. They have since expanded their operations outside of the country, by building three total factories churning out kayaks non stop.

They've built inside of the United States, New Zealand, and even the UK. With the quality that they put into their work, it is easy that see that Perception Kayaks are going to be around for a long time to come. The Catch 390 is one of their kayaks that I really fell in love with. Because the boat is longer, and wider this is one of the few fishing kayaks that I have actually been able to stand up in and toss a small cast net or sling a fly repeatedly. Being 12'6" long means that it has incredible tracking, and a beam width of 33 1/2" means that you can't flip this sit on top fishing kayak.

They have included a couple of flush mount fishing rod holders, as well as plenty of storage hatches. Even a hatch in the rear tank well to store your fishing rods as you paddle. Perception Kayak's Freedom Angler is a more streamlined version of the above kayak, coming in a little longer in length, but not providing quite the width of the Catch 390. This is a faster boat because of those reasons, but I don't see anyone being able to stand up in it, it just isn't as wide as the 390 is.

Perception topped the charts- with this one again, giving you two flush mounted rod holders, and two ram rod holders in the front that are movable. Hatches galore, you are going to be hard pressed to find problems with this boat. The last of the Perception Kayak boats that I have gotten to test is the Sierra Angler, and this is by far one of my most favorite pond boats.

I used to have a Victory Blast that was rigged to the gills, with a dashboard and trolling motor, but once I added the Sierra to my lineup, it started getting left at home. Being a sit inside, your center of gravity is lower so the boat does feel tippier, as well as having a narrower beam, you can flip this boat if you try. The features on this fishing kayak more than make up for it though.