Cheese and wine are two of the main delicacies in the western culture that often goes hand in hand. Originating from Europe, cheese and wine complement each other both from a visual perspective and with the sensation they create on our taste buds. In this article I intend to talk about a specific procedure that involves cheese and wine, which is based on the effect they have on their flavors; cheese tasting wine. For those of who are clueless about what I'm talking about, I will explain what this cheese tasting wine is. Cheese tasting wine is basically about the experiment of having wine and cheese together and observing the manner the wine changes the taste of the cheese and the cheese changing the wine's flavor. When it comes to trying out cheese tasting wine the norm is to first have a small piece of the cheese you are going to use and remember its taste, then have a small sip of the wine you have chosen, and again to have a piece of cheese. The taste of the cheese before and after would be different, and one could keep doing this until you find the perfect match for your cheese. The perfect cheese tasting wine would complement the cheese, and make it taste perfect; like a sculptor brushing of the rough edges of a marble to give its elegance. If it's how the cheese changes the taste of the wine that you are trying to find out, then basically you should interchange the places of wine and cheese in the order. Finding the perfect cheese tasting wine could be made easier if you know the ingredients used to make the cheese, which would give you a hint of its natural flavors and the general list of wines that would go with it. If you are experienced in wine tasting, then this would become even easier for you; but if you are not, then you could use a wine tasting guide book to help you find the perfect cheese tasting wine for your cheese. Knowing the perfect cheese tasting wine for several types of cheese can come in handy when you are making a meal; especially if you are planning to have an intimate dinner for two or make something to show off your cooking skills If you are someone who loves cooking and likes to pamper your senses, then finding the perfect wine for your cheese could be your new hobby, which would both relax and pleasure you at the same time.