What is the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend? The short answer: it depends. It depends on what kind of person he is. Is he outgoing? Is he sensitive? Is he career-driven? If you could describe your boyfriend with one word, what would it be? Match that word to the suggestions below and give your boyfriend the best Christmas gift this year.

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Gifts for the Career-Driven Boyfriend

This boyfriend type loves working hard and is always looking for the next challenge. The perfect gift for him would be something that helps him get ahead in the office or saves him time.

  • Business attire: suits pants, ties, dress shirts or a watch
  • A new, faster cell phone
  • Etiquette classes (for when he rubs elbows with the CEO)
  • A tablet device with built in internet connection
  • Professional business cards

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Gifts for the Sensitive Boyfriend

A sensitive boyfriend will take notice of the thought behind the gift and appreciate the effort more than the actual gift. Something handmade would make a perfect gift for a sensitive guy. What you make will depend on your skills and what you're comfortable with, here are some ideas:

  • Write him a poem or song
  • Make his favorite meal or bake a really intricate, delicious dessert
  • Paint or draw him a picture
  • Make him a blanket or a winter hat

A sensitive man will really appreciate all of the time you spent on making him a Christmas gift.

Gifts for the Artsy Boyfriend

Maybe your boyfriend spends more time with his guitar than he does you or spends his night with paint and an easel. The artsy boyfriend can be the easiest to buy for, but here are some ideas if you're stuck:

  • Replacement art supplies (paint, guitar picks, pencils and the like)
  • Blank sheet music or blank canvasses
  • Important accessories (guitar strap, easel or music stand)
  • A trip to a museum
  • Tickets for his favorite musician
  • A night at a jazz bar
  • Buy him a session at a music studio

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Gifts for the Outgoing Boyfriend

Some men love going out and being around friends. This guy will appreciate an evening out or a great get together. Here's a few ideas for the outgoing boyfriend:

  • Tickets to a concert
  • Tickets to a comedy show
  • Tickets to a sports game
  • Rent a private room for dinner for him a few of his friends
  • Surprise him by planning a get together for him and his old highschool/college buddies

Gifts for the Handyman Boyfriend

Some men love to build and fix things. These men spend their weekends with a tool belt strapped around their waist. Possible gifts include:

  • Replacement of his old and broken tools
  • The newest, manliest power tool
  • Blueprints for a new project
  • Riding lawn mower