Garden composting is worth doing no matter how big or small your plot. But, choosing the best garden composter for a small space is an important thing to do correctly.

The perfect garden composter for a small space needs to be two things; good looking and practical.


Firstly it needs to be reasonably attractive to look at. Not that you need to spend a fortune on some designer creation. But, this garden compost bin will be one you're never very far away from and unable to hide in a small yard, so it is important that you don't mind looking at it.

Choosing a black compost bin, means it will automatically always feel further away than it really is, and will disappear into its surroundings far more readily than a lighter or brighter coloured one.


If your compost bin is always on view you want one which will stand the test of time. You need a garden composter which is sturdy and sealed. It must keep vermin out and stop you seeing all those kitchen scraps and garden waste. A few ventilation holes are needed to keep the air circulating, but nothing more than that. Dark, plastic garden compost bins always allow for speedier decomposition of material than more open, light or wooden constructions, simply because they get hotter more quickly.

Once you begin recycling garden waste and kitchen scraps with a compost bin, it quickly becomes a habit. When that bin is full, and needs to sit, undisturbed to digest all that waste you'll need somewhere else to store your waste.

The simplest solution (and often the cheapest) is to use two compost bins. One is always ready for new waste material, while the other is decomposing. If you choose a neat, cheap plastic garden composter such as the SoilSaver compost bin you can buy two for less than the price of anything more elaborate.

Alternatively you could choose to spend a bit more cash and buy a composter which works more quickly. A spinning compost bin will create your garden compost in a matter of weeks rather than months leaving less time with nowhere to put your organic matter. There are some perfectly good small tumbling compost bins around such as the Envirocycle compost tumbler.

Finally you could choose a slightly less extravagant option and buy a compost bin which never stops being usable. Dual chamber compost tumblers are one option. Of course they are wider than the compact compost tumblers most suited to small yards, but they do mean you only ever need one bin. Or you could choose a vertical stacking system. These have chambers placed on top of each other. You continually add new material to the top chamber, and then periodically allow the matter to move down to the chamber below, as it is decomposing. Once you've been using one of these innovative designs for a few months you'll find the lowest chamber full of good garden compost.

Choosing square sided garden composters rather than circular ones allows for easier storage against walls, which again reduces their impact on a small space. Always consider whether two bins can fit in your space as this really is the cheapest way of never sending organic waste to landfill again.