- The best thing here is that it saves some time for those that can pump out numerous reps of pushups.
- Another good thing is the price which is really low compared to most other pieces of workout equipment.
- The size allows a person to easily stores these away when they aren't in use as they fit perfectly under the bed or in a closet.


- This is probably not good for beginners because it makes a regular pushup much more harder than normal. So if a person is unable to do many pushups to begin with then these won't help that much in my opinion.
- If you have bad joints then doing reps on these could potentially make someone have sore shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Full Review

I happened to get the Perfect Pushup as a gift from my father last Christmas. I try to stay in decent shape and maintain my figure so was excited about the present. They seemed easy to use and store away afterwards without taking up much space.

Let me just say right off the bat that the Perfect Pushup certainly does a good job of working the muscles in the upper body. The device makes a normal pushup seem like cake in comparison. If a person is able to do a good amount of pushups then this would certainly cut down on the time and allow them for a faster and better workout in my opinion.

But just like with most things in life there is also a downside to using the Perfect Pushup. The fact that it makes a normal workout harder can be both good and bad for different users. For every person claiming that the device has helped make them stronger and save time in the process there is somebody claiming otherwise. There are people out there claiming that the work was bad for their joints complaining of shoulder, rotator cuff and wrist injuries because of the motions.

After having used the Perfect Pushup and several other objects together over the last year I'm still torn on whether or not to recommend the item. Don't get me wrong it does work but probably isn't for everybody. I guess that it would be good for those already in pretty good shape and probably not for someone out of shape looking to start off slowly. So just keep that in mind.

In Closing

This is a good product for someone that consistently works out and cares about getting into peak shape. I wouldn't recommend the Perfect Pushup for somebody looking to get into shape because it can be very difficult at first. It pretty much makes a standard pushup do more work for the user. This is good for somebody that can do 50+ pushups already and wants to save time.