Nothing helps you relax like a perfectly decorated interior in which you can shake off the stress after a tough day, recuperate after a tiring adventure or charge batteries before a new challenge. For that interior to do the hard work it needs the right furniture that is not only comfortable and pretty, but also compatible with your style and attitude. So whether you love all things modern, reach for understated classics or enjoy a bit of exotic in your life, you should pick your furniture accordingly for most pleasant times.

As far as modern furniture Miami is the place to go. It’s a city where fashion and functionality meet on an everyday basis in the clubs, offices and shopping centers, where everybody is trendy and forward, where new ideas are born on a daily basis. And since the city itself is always developing and modern buildings are erected all over downtown, it’s only reasonable that modern furniture designers flock to Miami and offer its population their most creative, innovative work.

When it comes to classic furniture, no place is better to find it than old, north eastern cities like Philadelphia. For one, you’ll find an abundance of antiques sold in trusted stores guaranteeing the pieces’ authenticity, but then you can also come across more affordable newer furniture which is designed in the old style yet adds the comfort of modern solutions, newer materials and trendy colors. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find classy, solid furniture here that can stand alone or create a cozy whole in old fashioned or modern interior alike.

Those with a flare for exotic furniture will do best looking in Hawaii. As the island state with very thin ties to continental US, Hawaii offers traditional islander forms and solutions, designs used for generations with a more modern twist, not to mention interesting detailing and atypical materials the furniture is often made of. It’s not only solid yet very light wood that can serve as building material for a table, but also different grasses or leaves, making Hawaiian furniture pop in a more traditional setting or blend in with an exotic interior where different cultures and continents meet.

Obviously if you live in Boston and love the Hawaiian exotic feel, or if you’re in Portland and enjoy modern furniture Miami style, shopping can be challenging, not to mention pricey if you were to ship pieces across the country. What you can do though is concentrate on home accessories that can help turn your interior into one that is more modern, classic or exotic, like lamps, throw pillows or rugs in appropriate colors and designs. And you need to remember that modern sofas are sold not only in Miami furniture stores, exotic chairs can be found outside Hawaii and classic bureaus are not bound to Philadelphia at all.

The key is to know your style and what makes you feel relaxed, happy, at home. Once you determine your style, tweaking your interiors to best express it is just a matter of creative approach and time it takes to add the right pieces. But once you finish your room in the style that is right for you, you’ll notice that spending time among those modern, classic or exotic pieces fills you up with energy while at the same time lowers your stress levels, because there is no place like a perfectly suited home.