My 20+ year old egg cooker


• Takes up little room in the kitchen
• Easy clean up
• Auto shut-off
• Works reliably every time for more than 20 years!


• Only holds 8 eggs

Full Review

My 20+ year old egg cooker

My grandmother was a talented cook, so it was curious that she never found a way to easily prepare hard boiled eggs. I used to dread being at her house if the entire family was coming for a meal because she would inevitably want to make her famous deviled eggs or delicious egg salad. And that meant I would be roped into helping her. We would sit in front of a giant bowl of hard boiled eggs and endure the tedious task of removing the shells. She would roll the eggs across the counter so the shells would shatter into small pieces, then we would pick them off one by one. It was torture. Oh sure, occasionally a whole strip of shells would come off together but often they were stuck to the egg white. Trying to pluck off a piece of shell without pulling away the good stuff was sometimes impossible.

This experience had a lasting influence on me and as a young adult, the only eggs I prepared were either fried or scrambled. Occasionally I tried friend's tips for cooking and peeling hard or soft boiled eggs but the results were hit and miss.

One day at a kitchen store I saw this little box, an egg cooker. The package talked about how the device would cook hard boiled, soft boiled, and poached eggs to perfection. It even suggested the peels would slip right off. That one selling point was enough to convince me to take one home. That was more than 20 years ago and I'm still using the cooker to make eggs. It's hard to believe that after all this time, it's working. It may show cosmetic signs of wear, but it operates beautifully.

The center metal plate has cut-outs for 7 eggs and a pin in the center with which you can pierce the egg before cooking. The water well is clearly marked with levels for hard boiling, soft boiling, and poaching.

Some of the most appealing features of this cooker for me have been it's compact size, it's simple operation, and easy clean up. To operate just pour in the water, set up the eggs in the metal plate, put the cover on, and push the start button. The cooker automatically shuts off when the eggs are done. I remove hard boiled eggs and set them in a bowl of cold water until they are cool enough to peel. And the peels do slide right off!

Clean up is simple because of the cooker's non-stick finish. Just rinse out the inside, the metal plate, and the cover with soapy water. If the water well begins to discolor over time, just fill it with vinegar and the stains will disappear in seconds.

In Closing

This has to be one of the best investments I've ever made. I don't remember what I paid 20 years ago but I looked online and Oster is still selling this egg cooker. They've changed very little in appearance, but it must be slightly larger in size because today they cook 8 hard boiled eggs instead of 7. The price now is around $44 depending on where you shop. I wish my grandmother could get back all those hours she spent peeling shells from her hard boiled eggs. If she were alive today I'd buy her an egg cooker just like mine. It's worth every penny.