Reasons for slow working of web server
A slow web server may create a bad impact on your business. Hence, you should leave no stone unturned to make sure that your web server is working at its best. In order to resolve the problems, you need to first identify the root cause. So, before you proceed you need to first know what the reasons for slow working of web server are:

  • If its environment is slow
  • If environment doesn’t provide the essential resources
  • If the network connection is slow
  • If the hardware and operating system aren’t configured for required performance
  • If the computer runs any other program simultaneously

Due to these constraints the web server often functions slowly. All the above factors can be better handled using a solution. The solution is to use a dedicated system to the web server. It should be accompanied with good hardware and sufficient infrastructure.

Memory Factor
Another crucial factor that contributes to the slow functioning of web server is memory constraints. Certain people prefer to store the data into disks. However, this is not a preferable option to go in for. By resorting to this option, the overall business operations can get delayed. Hence it’s highly recommended to choose more memory. Only high speed hard disks with excellent cache can ensure the smooth performance of your server and business.

 Hardware and Configuration
To achieve a high speed web server, we have to use hardware that supports high speed web applications. This can create detrimental effect on the smooth performance of your server. However, if you find that the hardware applications are not responding well then make sure to go in for server configuration. Believe it or not server machine configuration is also very crucial.

 Other Factors to Consider
As the servers generally receive small amount of input and send back larger responses, much of the incoming bandwidth should not be utilized. Hence, make sure to buy a service with a large outgoing/incoming bandwidth ratio. Besides, networks should be set up properly to minimize packets loss.

Web-Server Monitoring in a Nutshell
Due to the rapid changes in the internet, the requirement also changes from time to time. Today’s technology may become obsolete tomorrow. Hence, you need to continue adhering to new strategies so as to make sure that your servers are in good health. Always make sure about the legitimacy of the software that you are supposed install at your server prior to subscribe for server monitoring solutions. With the help of server monitor tools you can not only identify the technical flaws but then also get immediate alerts and notifications through emails, RSS feeds and text messages. No sooner than you get the notification you can look into the issue and resolve it at the earliest. Server monitors provide various data regarding the website technical issues as well as statistical data. Hence by using the data we can optimize our performance and meet the expectations of our clients.