Performing arts covers a wide range of performance types. These are some of the most common performing arts:

  • Theater performances can be both plays or musical plays. The biggest difference between plays and musical plays is that musical plays use music to tell the story, instead of just lines and words. The songs follow the dialogue that is taking place on stage. Theater is done on large stages to small venues, many times called Black Box Theater. Which is a small, intimate setting and the performers many times are at ground level with the viewers of the play. There is also Theater In The Round, which is a performance on a round stage and the audience sites completely around the entire stage. The performers utilize and move about the entire stage during the play.
  • Music can be a any type of musical concert. It covers all types of music from rock to classical to punk and country. A music performance many times can be very similar to a theater performance, only in terms of the musicians act out there songs, there are costume changes, the performers change and their are entire dance routines. A musical performance can be elaborate or simplified. However, with music there does not need to be singing or dancing. Music concerts can also be in the form of classical performances as well.
  • Singing goes with music and theater in many ways. While there is singing, there many times is music to accompany the singer. As well as already mentioned, that there is musical plays which incorporate singing, dancing and music as part of the performance and story telling. Singing can be done acapella though also. Music usually accompanies the singer, but does not have to. Depending on the type of performance that is being done, the singer can choose to only use their voice to express the feelings and words of the song.
  • Dancing can be done only to music or again incorporated into musical performances and musical theater. There is a wide range of types of dancing, from hip hop to ballet to square dancing. Dance tells a story and can be used soley as a story telling device as well. Many times there will be instrumental music that accompanies a dancer, however music with lyrics can be used as well.