India has a vibrant, colourful film industry called Bollywood. The movies are action packed, romantic and rich. Bollywood dance movements are based on classical Indian moves, modern Indian dance moves and some western movements too.

To learn Bollywood dancing the best method is a local class but as this is a new concept to many westerners not everyone will be able to find local classes so the best thing to try is a DVD.

I have yet to come across a DVD where you will find each movement explained and it's relevance to India. However you will find most DVDs are enjoyable and fun to try. Hemalayaa is a Bollywood dance instructor who in my opinion has some great moves and is fun to follow.

Bollywood burn with Hemalayaa

Inspired by the Bollywood films this fun workout is a great way to lose weight, tone core, hips and thighs.

Bollywood booty

Tone up your booty with this fantastic workout. Great for beginners.

Beautiful belly

Great Bollywood inspired abs workout to strengthen and tone.

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