Perfume gift sets are one of the most common presents that people look to buy for all different occasions. The reason for this is that they can combine a person's favorite fragrance with other items. The box or bag as it may be will make the present look more impressive then a small bottle. This is not the only reasons that perfume gift sets are so popular. The number one reason that they sell like hotcakes is that they are a phenomenal deal.


This is why many people choose to buy perfume gift sets for themselves as well as for gifts for other people. Why should you only save a lot of money when you are getting something for someone else? If you look at the prices on perfume gift sets, you will see how great of a deal that they really are. The cost of these packs are usually only a few dollars over the price of the spray cologne by itself. Now take a look at what is included in this kit for only a few dollars more then the fragrance itself.

Cologne Spray


Usually when you are out shopping for your favorite scent, you usually have a choice of two sizes when it comes to the spray. This is usually a 1.7 ounce or 3.4 ounces. There are advantages to buying either size. The great thing is that most companies create perfume gift sets around each size of their spray cologne. This is usually also the main item that the price of the set is based around. You will see that you are paying for the spray in your perfume gift sets and getting the other items for practically free.


Body Lotion


The most common extra item that is put into perfume gift sets is body lotion. This body lotion is scented with the same fragrance as the spray cologne. There are many ways that you can use this great item. If you choose to wear it alone, you will have a lighter scent then the regular spray. This may be good for days when you are just hanging around the house doing chores or quick runs to the store.


The other use for scented body lotion is that is a must for layering your fragrance. Many people complain that the smell of their fragrance goes away during the day. The way to stop this from happening is by layering. This is giving your body multiple layers of the scent to hold onto. You can apply the scented body lotion from the perfume gift sets and then spray your cologne. This action gives the spray cologne something to hold onto to make it last longer.


Body Wash


Many perfume gift sets will include scented body wash. Now you may have a body wash that you currently use and love. This is fine unless you plan on wearing fragrance during the day. A body wash is designed to get rid of dirt, oil, and smells on your skin. The catch is that they do not know how to differentiate between a bad smell or a good one. This can be disastrous when it comes to wearing a fragrance. Your usual body wash can actually get rid of your scent. If you use a scented body wash from the perfume gift sets, you will have made sure that your body has the base to be able to hold onto the wonderful smell that you will be applying.




Where to Buy Perfume Gift Sets


During the winter months, you will see various perfume gift sets in many stores. Your department stores will be carrying the higher end fragrance. You can even find some more moderately priced fragrances in perfume gift sets. These are ok places to go when you are in the market to buy them. However, the best selections and deals when it comes to perfume gift sets are available online. You can find sets with every fragrance that you can imagine year round when you shop online. So take a look at what is available to you when it comes to the amazing deals of perfume gift sets.