There is nothing more alluring than a well-chosen perfume or cologne. They can serve as confidence boosters, propelling us forward toward whatever missions we choose to undertake, be it in the workplace or elsewhere. Just a whiff of your fragrance can be enough to get members of the opposite sex stealing glances as you pass by. It is no understatement to say that those who ignore perfume and cologne are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to everyday life.
You may ask why this is the case, though. Our lives are primarily dominated by sight and hearing. Why should a person's scent have such a beneficial effect? The answer for this lies within our bodies. Not only is a significant portion of our DNA (about three percent) dedicated to our scent receptors and olfactory organs, but the area of our brain that interprets scent is also responsible for memory recall. This is why an unknown scent might instantly transport us to our childhood for one brief moment, and also explains why we go crazy for certain fragrances; it's one of our most primal senses.
Long before we considered improving our vision with optical lenses, we were trying to improve how we smelled for other people. Perfume and cologne has been around, in one form or another, for thousands of years, and part of the commoner's wardrobe since the later periods of ancient Egypt. It is no secret that our ancient ancestors loved their perfumes. Every major civilization help perfumery in high esteem. When the Romans weren't busy conquering other lands they were spending their time in the luxurious Roman baths, passing the time by applying rich fragrances for everyone's benefit.
Today, perfumes are less of a necessity with the advent of indoor plumbing and showers, but it is still very much an important luxury. Even though we no longer have to mask unpleasant body odors, we still can benefit immensely by adding pleasant fragrances to ourselves. For whatever reasons the tradition first started, it has lasted for a very long time, and it's really quite clear as to why. We like to enhance ourselves in any way possible, and perfume and cologne is just one of the methods we use.
If reading this has made you interested in finding that perfect fragrance for you, then you should definitely buy perfume and cologne online. Not only will this give you the widest range of options, but you might just save a dollar or two in the process.