Designer perfumes from leading labels including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel can be hard on your wallet, even if they are of top quality. However, there are ways of finding discount perfumes online and off the web from the top companies, or at least discounted fragrances from off-name brands that are of very good quality.

Discount perfumes online

A quick web search on "discount perfumes online" will throw up a large list of online perfume discounts. Some of the leading sites selling cheap perfumes online are Scentiments, FragranceNet and Overstock Perfume. Also, do not neglect, as they have a large selection of discount colognes and perfumes for sale.

Another way to find perfume discounts online is to look at online auction websites, such as eBay. You might be able to get a designer fragrance for a fraction of its original price this way. Of course, you need to be careful when buying from such a site, as you might end up with a dud.

Also look at websites of perfume wholesalers. Wholesale designer perfume can be bought at significant savings from these websites. There are directories of perfume wholesale discounters online so you can compare prices for a given designer perfume brand among different wholesalers.

Finding perfume discounts offline

Outlet malls are an excellent source of discount colognes and perfumes. They usually carry the name brands, and for significantly less than you might pay at a regular department store. Also visit discount designer stores such as Nordstrom's, Burlington Coat Factory and Filene's for great perfume discounts.

Duty free shops at international airports also have an excellent selection of designer perfumes for sale at discounted prices. While these are not generally cheap, you do get top-quality fragrances for women and men at much lower rates than you might pay at a department store.

Other sources of discounted fragrances are thrift stores and yard sales. A reputable thrift store will only sell you previously purchased but unopened fragrances, so you should not have to worry about contamination. When it comes to yard sales, you might have to be a little more circumspect, as you do not know what you are buying. But if you buy your perfume from a friend or trusted neighbor's yard sale, you should be fine.

Also consider buying non name-brand discount perfumes and colognes that are otherwise of excellent quality. Much of the price of a designer perfume comes from its label. There are off-brand perfumes that are replicated to resemble big-name perfumes and smell quite good. You can buy these online, at perfume swaps, and often at outdoor markets.