Everyone treasures his or her signature collection of fragrances. As everyone loves to wear a different scent, one should be sure that the gifted aroma would be loved by the recipient. Picking a perfume for your lady love is easy if you know her signature aroma but if you don’t, shopping for perfume could become a difficult process. However with the tips given below, you can pick the right fragrance for your lady love. Make perfume shopping a pleasant experience while following the steps listed below:

Don’t wear a scented lotion or perfume: When you are ready to go to the market for shopping the fragrance, avoid wearing a scented body lotion. When you perform the skin test for your choicest aroma in the store, the smell of your body lotion may mix with it and you would not be able to sniff the exact aroma. So, avoid wearing any aromatic substances while you are in the market to purchase the perfume.

Let the alcohol evaporate:When you are at the fragrance counter testing various aromas, allow the sprayed scent, whether on the skin or on a blotter, to dry before smelling. When you sprinkle the fragrance to test, let the alcohol evaporate and smell after a few seconds of spray to know the exact aroma.

Learn the science of smelling: Many of you may not know it, but there is an appropriate way to smell the fragrance. Instead of smelling the perfume in a deep, long inhale, short and repeated sniffs would help knowing the exact smell of the aroma.

Try the different concentrations:Within the same fragrance label, you’ll find different concentrations likeperfume, Eau de perfume, and Eau de toilette. You may choose the concentration as per your liking. Some like to wear strong fragrances and for them perfumes are a good choice. For those who like mild smells Eau de perfume or Eau de toilette make a good choice.

Go for the trusted brand: If you don’t know her signature label, choose one from the trusted and well-known perfume brands. Ask the salesman about the family of scents or do your own research to select the right scent. Don’t experiment as it could be risky.

Scents make the best women's gift sets. Your sweetheart would be happy to get her signature scent as a gift from you. So, stop thinking and visit a fragrance store today to buy the right fragrance and make her feel special. Always buy scent from a reputed store. Before purchasing the scent from a store, ask for exchange policies. Whether you’re buying the fragrance from a traditional store or from an e-store, the option of replacement would help you change the fragrance in case it is not liked by the recipient. If you are shopping the scent online, also compare prices. You’ll find numerous stores over the Internet, so save more money while getting a great deal for your purchase. Always purchase your signature fragrance from the reputed online seller.