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Pergola plans or kits make quick work of building your do it yourself pergolas. What is a pergola? Unlike a gazebo which is normally thought of as a covered structure in round or octagonal shape, a pergola is built as an open structure with its top consisting of beams or lattices which are designed to offer shade rather than protection from rain.

Many are designed to eventually be covered with vines or roses or some other climbing plants to offer more shade. Some modern designs will include a canvas or other weather proof cloth top covering.

Pergola Plans Are Available For Many Styles

Pergola kits are available to build simple arches or more complex assemblies which can be free
standing or attached as a covered walkway into a gazebo or other building. These units are
traditionally built from weather resistant wood such as a cedar pergola which weathers into beautiful reddish hues. Of course treated softwoods which are less expensive and will last indefinitely may also be used.

Some pergola kits are no more than a basic plan containing drawings, fittings and fasteners. The
benefit of these kits is that once purchased it is only necessary to follow the included material list and purchase the needed wood products. Following the instructions the structure can be quickly assembled. Because all the planning and the material lists have been preconfigured much time and trial and error are saved.

Larger pergola kits will actually contain everything necessary to complete the project including
precut wood pieces ready for assembly. This saves the builder a lot of time and trouble locating
the necessary lumber which may not be available locally. When working with cedar it can be
difficult to find the necessary sizes and shapes necessary for the project. A kit is the ideal diy pergola and makes it easy for any homeowner to add one of these traditional structures to the yard inexpensively.

Depending on the size and complexity of your pergola kit it could be a free standing design
which makes it's construction very simple. It can be just a matter of placing the pieces together and fastening with screws. For larger more ambitious designs it may be necessary to dig holes to inset uprights which then are cemented in place. Be sure to decide on the amount of effort you wish to use on assembling your project and take into account all the necessary additional materials such as cement that may not be included with the kit.

Tradiitional Or Modern Materials Offer Many Choices
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If you are not a  true traditionalist demanding a wood pergola you can find kits using modern materials which have more recently become available. From a simple small aluminum pergola which is actually more like an awning and designed to attach to a house over a door or window to complex resin materials the age old pergola can be assembled from materials that will last a life time and need very little maintenance.

For the ambitious builder who is never satisfied with a simple finished project there are kits and pergola plans available which can be added to any pergola to give it more charm and style. Complete slatted roof assemblies and wood floor kits are now available. Side panels containing slatted window openings and other features which add additional sun screening and even some protection from light rain are easily attached. The once simple four poster pergola can rival many gazebos in style and function.

There are literally dozens of books available on Amazon at very reasonable prices which will allow you to compare the various structures from simple arches to complex gazebos and beautiful pergolas that can be built from scratch or purchased as complete kits. If you find it difficult to picture the type of structure to add to your landscape spending some time reviewing the books available on Amazon will give you an education in backyard structures and offer some very pleasant entertainment.
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Pergola Kits Offer Lasting Value

Whether you spend a pleasant sunny day building a simple pergola or devote a month of part time
weekend effort to assemble a larger more complex structure from purchased pergola plans the true pleasure will come as you spend time with family and friends sitting in the shade and watching the climbing vines or blooming roses cover your work of art. Of course just as with any construction project always spend a little time reviewing what is available and read manufactures details and customer comments on Amazon before making a final decision.