A perioperative nurse attends to a surgical patient's physical, logistical and emotional needs; before, during and after operations. Perioperative nurses report during the patient's surgical care, including detailed recording of vital signs, diagnostic tests and medications. Perioperative nurses training is the first step to a career choice that is in big demand and lucrative in the medical industry.


Take the required boards after education completion to establish your competency as a registered nurse (R.N.); which is a prerequisite for attaining perioperative nursing credentials.

Assist or shadow someone in the perioperative nursing area. Some hospitals will provide paid  in-house training; the facility may ask for a time commitment of up to two years.  Most hospitals offer positions to  experienced operating room nurses that have successfully completed perioperative courses.

Study textbooks and online tutorial videos during the periop classroom and web-based phase. These sources illustrate the hands-on training received from the in-house educational resources. Graduates  receive 60 continuing education units, on average and a certificate after successfully completing the courses.

Orientation consists of six weeks of rotating through various perioperative-related services in the medical facility after the nine week completed course.  You then graduate and become a perioperative staff nurse.

Become a member of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Periop 101 online course for first-time licensees. The instructor monitors the student's  learning modules and meets individually for hands-on guidance. The online option is new and presents a convenient alternative for students to attain their certification.

Maintain the  mandatory continuing medical education courses when required.  Focused periop knowledge, credentials and the ability to handle emergency scenarios while staying compassionate and in control are a part of perioperative nurses training.

Tips & Warning

Periop 101:  a trademark of AORN, Inc.,  an accredited provider of continuing nursing medical education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

A recommended classroom textbook is "AORN's Standards, Recommended Practices and Guidelines."


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