Android is an operating system which is primarily designed to work on Smartphones, Windows phones and Tablet Computers.  It is the world’s most widely used operating system for mobile gadgets.

Applications on the Go

Nowadays, you don’t have to open a book to search for the definition of a word, explain a disease process or learn more about a place.  There are countless of applications stored in Google Play Store.  All you need to do is browse it and you will find an application for dictionary, first-aid manuals and a whole lot more.  You can download it and use it anywhere you go.

Know Your Way through Global Positioning System (GPS)

AndroidCredit: you want to visit a place but you don’t know the way, you could always activate the GPS feature of your device.  Through a map, it will navigate you to different places worldwide.  You could also turn on the speaker if you want a voice prompt to help you along.  If you want to see the outer section of the place, you can zoom it out and vice versa.

Make Your Device Secured

Traditional phones offer an unlock feature using pin codes but nowadays, android gadgets utilize screen lock pattern.  You can draw your desired pattern so that only you can access your mobile data.  You can choose whether or not to make your patterns and passwords visible. Another feature is backup and restore.  For instance, your mobile phone needs to be repaired, the back-up and restore feature of your device will save you time and effort.  It will save your downloaded applications through your Google account and you can restore them anytime you want.

Enjoy and Have Fun

If we have thousands of useful applications on Google Store, then definitely we also have a Android Google PlayCredit: load of games to choose from.  Games such as Candy Crush, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Subway Surf and RPG games have influenced many users to be hooked to their android devices.  These games are colorful, easy to play, addictive and really, really fun.  Games are the best features of android devices.  Teenagers, adults and even kids can attest that it is very interactive.  For example, on the game Temple Run, you can tap and swipe the screen plus you can tilt your device.  Motion detection is another good feature not only in games but also on other applications.

Enjoy Social Media without Opening Your Desktop

Through your android device, you can like your friend’s photo on Facebook or follow your favorite celebrity on Twitter and Instagram.  The social media is the new window to the world. Even without watching television, you will know the latest news and trending issues worldwide and through your android device, you can download applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype etc.  It works the same as what you can see on your personal computer. Its main advantage, however, is that you can bring it with you anywhere and at anytime.  You can easily post what you are feeling, where you are located and who’s with you easily.  Who would have thought life could be this easy?