For acne sufferers world-wide the question always asked is what are permanent acne solutions? Many people feel that suffering a break out is one thing but when a break out does not clear up even after trying several treatments, there is no worse feeling or confidence break down. Some are guilty of ignoring the skin condition until it gets worse. The key to finding an effective acne treatment is to decide what exactly is the cause of the condition.

How do acne break outs develop?

Would you believe it, if I told you that as many as sixty-five percent of acne sufferers do not know what causes acne nor have they tried to find out? There are several reasons about why a person suffers from acne. For some unfortunately it begins as early as their teens when they enter puberty, while others suffer this condition because the skin glands produce too much sebum. Even precious newborns and toddlers are prone to acne. They develop this condition due to exposure to their mother's androgens either through the birthing process or while being breast-fed.

The kinds of acne
Many believe that acne outbreaks are the same for everyone. Not true. For some people the acne outbreak can occur anywhere on the body. The most commonly affected body parts are the cheeks, neck, back and forehead. In rare cases, the pubic area becomes affected as well. There are two kinds of acne; a white head or a black head, depending on what the cause of the skin condition is.

Black heads are the result of dirt and impurities "trapped" by natural oils the skin pores produce. This oil or dirt will solidity and harden as time passes by forming a blackish brownish looking substances in the pimple and are hence called black heads. When the solidified substance appears white, it is then called a white head.

An acne condition becomes worse when a sufferer attempts to pop or dig out the impurities. This results in the impurities being lodged deeper into the skin pores where the black head becomes deeply rooted. The white heads have a tendency of producing puss, which in turn leads to the pores becoming infected when one tries to pop them.

Effective acne solution

It is no surprise that acne suffers are seeking  permanent acne solutions, for a quick and easy way to get rid of the skin problem issues. The main goal to meet here is to find out what is truly the cause of your acne break out. This will give you a better chance at treating your skin condition. It is not advisable to use your fingers or any sharp instruments to get rid of all the black and white heads, as it may cause more break outs and lead to infection.

The first choice of treatment for acne is using pore cleansers and acne treatment ointments, especially where severe cases of acne break outs occur. The pore cleanser works by softening the  trapped mass inside the skin pore, thereby making the mass easier to draw out. Be sure to practice good hygiene especially if you are in the process of using a treatment or your acne is clearing up. Any bacterial introduction at this time could lead to another break out. If you are an acne sufferer a change in diet might be beneficial. Adopt a low-fat diet as this will cut oil production by the skin pores. In addition, refrain from using excessive amounts of cosmetic lotions as the perfumes in this may irritate the skin and result in another flare up.

Many people have used laser therapy as a permanent acne solution, with much success. As many as eighty-five percent of people who have had laser treatment said that they noticed a remarkable difference in their skin condition. The down size to this is that you may need several treatments before the acne  cleared completely, and each treatment is expensive. Furthermore, this procedure is cosmetic, so many insurance companies do not pay for it.

So whatever your permanent acne solution is be sure to find out the cause for a better chance at treating it, and be sure to consult your dermatologist before beginning any skin regimen.