Many people opt for getting an their eyebrows tattooed permanently. The reasons can vary depending on the person, but in general people seek permanent makeup because they are either lacking in hair in the right areas, want to create an appearance of more hair, or simple prefer the convenience of having a permanent eyebrows so that they do not have to maintain them every day.

Getting eyebrow tattoos is a decision that should be considered very seriously. Just because a friend or someone else you know had success with eyebrow tattoos- it doesn't mean that you could be as lucky. Many people with little experience at permanent makeup or cosmetology in general are licensed to give eyebrow tattoos. It is essential that if you do decide to pursue the beauty treatment, that you go to a great eyebrow tattoo artist.

Eyebrow tattoos are not performed by tattoo artists, despite the same term. Instead, only qualified cosmetologists with the proper training will be licensed to give you a permanent eyebrow tattoo. (Again, keep in mind that just because the cosmetologist had training- it does not make the cosmetologist any what they do.)

Eyebrow tattoos can take anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour to complete, depending where you go. The cost will also vary depending where you live. Calling up a nearby salon with permanent makeup services should be able to provide you with the cost of the service. In general, any type of permanent makeup application is fairly expensive.

When the eyebrow has been tattooed on, the color that you choose (or that was recommended to you) will be slightly brighter than what you wanted. This is because it takes several days for the color to fade into your skin and appear as the actual color desired.

Once I was at a salon getting eyelash extensions and a grandmotherly woman a seat over from me was getting her eyebrows tattooed for the first time. Her hair was fine and thin at her eyebrows in her older age and wanted the tattoos to help her pull off a thicker eyebrow look that was permanent. She left with reddish brown eyebrows when she was going for tan brown. The cosmetologist assured her that in time the eyebrows would fade into the color she wanted. I certainly hope that they did fade, because when they were first done, they did not look natural, at all.

Eyebrow tattoos overall do not appear very natural, especially if done right or shaped in a way that does not complement the person's face. Even the slightest change to an arch, or an increase in width of the eyebrow can change someone's overall appearance.

Before you jump into the oh-so convenient eyebrow tattoos, think again and make sure you really know what you are doing. Experiment with the way that you want your eyebrows to look; flat, high arched, round, thick, thin, slightly tapered. Once you find that shape and are 100% sure you want them permanently on you face, then seek the best permanent makeup artist in your area. Also, it is always wise to be on the safe side and ask for a little thinner and a little lighter in color than you actually want. That way, in case any mistakes were made- you will be able to fill them in with pencil on occasion to get the full-bodied look that you want.

Permanent eyebrow tattoos can be loved by many that have them. However if they are not loved, they shall be hated because they are permanent. So do ever let this be you, and do your research to get the best permanent makeup artist to give you most appealing and flattering shape, color and size eyebrow possible.