For women, permanent facial hair removal is often a consideration. Excessive or even moderate facial hair can be extremely embarrassing for females. While for most men, hair removal for the face is not considered a necessary option, many women feel that even the most minor amount of facial hair can be incredibly unsightly and frustrating to deal with. Body hair removal for both genders is not uncommon, but for women, facial hair removal options, like laser hair removal face treatments, are much more popular. Read on to learn ore about permanent facial hair removal.

Many women typically only have to worry about tweezing and sculpting their eyebrows. Most women attempt to achieve a perfect arched brow, but tweezing can be a very painful method of extracting hairs. It can be very frustrating and time-consuming to remove each little hair one by one, especially when tweezing around very sensitive areas like just below the eyebrow. Not only that, but tweezing can also cause ingrown hairs.

Permanent facial hair removal may be an even more important consideration for women who have dark hair. While women with blonde and red-hair do not have to worry about facial hair above their upper lip, due to the light tint of their hair, women who have brunette to black hair may have a dark fuzz develop along their lip or even their chin. This can be very embarrassing for some women, especially depending on how dark or heavy the hairs may be. Tweezing, again, is an option for removal, but it can cause the same problems as those which occur when attempting to sculpt the eyebrows.

While shaving facial hair may work for men, it is not a suitable option for facial hair removal for women. Not only can it cause the hairs to grow back thicker and darker, it can also cause a very visible shadow similar to those men have on their face. Hair removal creams, similarly, while they can be used on the legs and underarms, as with shaving, they are not recommended for the face due to irritation.

Realistically, the only two methods of at least semi-permanent hair removal for the face are electrolysis and laser hair removal. Permanent facial hair removal can be difficult to achieve, if not impossible, but laser treatments and electrolysis are about as close one can currently get to getting rid of hair on the face for good. Electrolysis works by attacking the hair at the root, whereas laser hair removal works by affecting the melanin in the follicle to prevent the hair from growing any further. Both methods of facial hair removal for women can take a few treatments before they are fully effective. You may also have to go back for touch-up treatments. There are certain side effects for these treatments, so it's a good idea to read up on them before paying for the services.

Removing hair from the face permanently is not yet feasible, but there are methods available on the market that can help you achieve it as close as possible. If you want permanent facial hair removal, electrolyss and laser hair removal are probably the closest you will be able to get.