You expect permanent hair-removal for men or women to be permanent. It is, however, only long-term rather than permanent hair-removal . For men to never shave again requires the treatment to be repeated periodically. Clinics offering permanent hair-removal for men only tell you that repeat treatments will be necessary after you have paid.


Does it Work?


No. No hair-removal method lasts forever. Depending on the individual it will last between one and five years before the treatment needs to ne repeated. You will never find a guarantee of permanence, if someone tells you that their method is permanent, just ask How permanent? and Can I have that permanence guarantee in writing? You will never get it in writing.


Does it Hurt?


Yes. Laser hair-removal methods have been described as like someone flicking an elastic band against your skin, not something that most men would be happy about, especially if it was their pubic hair that was being removed. Most laser hair-removal clinics like to give the impression that the process is pain free.


Different Cultures


In some cultures facial and body hair have different acceptability levels. The non-permanent facial hair-removal by men shaving is common in European and North American, Christian cultures, whereas Muslim men usually shave the moustache area for hygiene reasons, but keep their beard unshaven. Muslim men are also advised to shave pubic and under-arm hair for improved hygiene.


Fashion Demands


Hairy male bodies are less desirable, in terms of fashion, than they were twenty to forty years ago. Hairless is the new desirable male image, as demonstrated by sportsmen stripping off their shirts to reveal shiny musculature, rather than hairy skin. What football players do today, the rest of us do tomorrow, or maybe the day after.


Light-based Treatments


Laser treatment is the main light based permanent hair-removal technique for men. This needs to be administered by trained professionals or burning and scarring can result. Pain level is 8 (on a 1 to 10 scale, where electric trimmer is 1 and pulling handfuls of hair out with pliers is 10). Most used on areas where hairs are dense, such as pubic area or back, because areas of hairy skin are treated, rather than individual hairs. Laser treatment is the most expensive

 Electrolysis Treatment


Electrolysis as a method of permanent hair-removal for men is best suited to areas where hair density is less, such as on a wart, eyebrows or the front of the nose. Every hair needs to be individually touched by the needle that the electrolysis technician uses. Pain level is 6 ( on the same 1 to 10 scale as above)


Ultrasound Treatment


This treatment is comparable to laser treatment in cost and effectiveness; it works but not permanently. Ultrasound hair-removal has some advantages over laser treatment. Ultrasound can be used no matter what your hair or skin color may be, even on hair in the nose and ears. Each hair is treated individually and multiple treatments are necessary to effect maximum hair-removal. Pain factor 3 on the 1 to 10 scale, much less than electrolysis or laser hair-removal techniques for men




Waxing does not pretend to be a permanent hair-removal solution for men, or women. Hot wax is put on the hairy skin, followed by strips of paper. The wax solidifies, the paper strip is pulled off and any hairs on the skin are pulled out by their roots. Pain factor 8 on the 1 to 10 scale.



You can do the waxing yourself, but most people who have tried advise against it. Do It Yourself waxing I strictly for the minority of people who enjoy inflicting pain on themselves. It is also extremely messy.



Most beauticians are female, but they have no problem with waxing the male pubic area. They will not wax the testes, only the area around the penis and the perineum. Just treat the beautician as you would a female doctor or nurse, their only interest in your genitalia is professional and there is no sexual interest at all.



Make sure you test a small area first, whether you are doing it yourself or a beautician is doing it; Some people have an allergic reaction to the wax, the wax additives enter the bloodstream and cause a horrendous swelling, all over the body, not just in the area where it was applied.




Shaving is the lowest cost solution, but needs to be repeated on a daily basis. Hairs are cut off at skin level, rather than being pulled out by their roots, so regrowth is immediately obvious, especially on the face or if hair color is dark. Shaving has many advantages. It might not be a permanent hair-removal technique, but men can do it themselves and it scores 2 on the 1-10 scale. Cost is very low, even if you use one of the 5-blade razor blade cartridge systems.



X-ray hair-removal has been discontinued as unsafe


How Much Does it Cost?


A lot. Too much for a treatment that is not permanent. Each 30 minute session of laser treatment will cost you about $500. Most areas will need between 4 and 8 sessions. So removing pubic hair will cost about $3,000 and you will need to repeat it again in a few years time.



Shaving with an electric shaver costs a lot less and is less painful, too.

Your Decision


You have to make a decision on whether you really want permanent hair-removal. For men who can afford the substantial cost it might be worthwhile.



For men who are bothered by the thought of repeated painful treatments over a three to six month period, repeated every few years, it might be better to stick with shaving or waxing